Griots Garage Pump-Up Foamer

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Supercharge your foaming cleaners and degreasers!

Creates a thick, clingy foam for extended dwell time

43psi max pressure

Perfect for use with Griotís Garage BOSS Foaming Liquids!

Griot's Garage Pump-Up Foamer is a chemical resistant foaming sprayer designed to maximize the efficiency of your cleaners and degreasers. By turning your favorite cleaning products into a thick, clingy foam, the Griot's Garage Pump-Up Foamer allows a longer dwell time, which leads to faster cleaning and contamination removal! Use the Griot's Garage Pump-Up Foamer on all exterior surfaces with a wide variety of cleaners and degreasers - you won't know how you've detailed without it!

Griot's Garage Pump-Up Foamer features:

• Fast Foaming Action - By turning your favorite cleaners and degreasers into a thick, clingy foam that dwells on the surface, Griot's Garage Pump-Up Foamer is upgrading the overall experience of cleaning! When a product is made to foam and has a longer dwell time, you'll be able to spend less time scrubbing and more time doing the fun detailing work - like applying your favorite wax!

• BOSS Foaming Liquid System - Use the Griot's Garage Pump-Up Foamer with the Griot's Garage BOSS Foaming Liquid line of products - Griot's Garage Foaming Poly Gloss, Griot's Garage Foaming Surface Wash, and Griot's Garage Foaming Surface Prep!

Pump up your foaming action with the Griot's Garage Pump-Up Foamer!

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