Griots Garage Micro Fiber Wax Removal Cloths, 3 Pack

Griots Garage Micro Fiber Wax Removal Cloths, 3 PackDiscontinued

When testing a variety of Micro Fiber Cloths it became clear that there are many different grades to choose from. From the expensive to the inferior. In the case of wax removal, just because it was expensive didn't mean it was the best either! I've told you 100% cotton is the only thing that should touch your paint. I'm telling you right now, even a paint perfectionist like me has been blown away at what these cloths can do. The non-abrasive, wedge shaped micro fibers, lift and hold onto wax better than cotton and are lint-free. I've noticed it's capable of holding more wax on the cloth, which means you'll be turning over your cloth less often. This makes wiping go faster plus these cloths when washed (without bleach) don't hold onto wax and other stains over a period of time. Set includes three 16" x 16" cloths, color coded so you only use them for Best Of Show Wax®, Carnauba Wax or Paint Sealant removal (white with red trim).