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Griots Garage Leather Care Spray 35 oz.

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Item Description:

A Fast Way To Replenish Vital Nutrients In Your Leather.

Leaves a smooth, non-greasy finish.

Keeps leather smooth and supple.

Simply spray on and wipe off.

It was a challenge to develop a leather treatment that replaced vital nutrients, dried clear on perforated leather, left a non-greasy, supple finish after the final buff and actually smelled like new leather. Griot's Garage Leather Care Spray does all of the above and will clean soiled leather surfaces! Perfect for newer leather. Which to use: Leather Care or Spray? Leather Care is a highly concentrated liquid that penetrates deep to replenish the natural oils of your leather fibers and should be used sparingly. Leather Care Spray is easy to use for a quick clean and nourishment. Just spray some onto your cloth, wipe on, wait a minute and wipe off. With each product you'll be preserving your fine leather for a long, and supple life. The Griot's Garage Blue Detail Sponge is the perfect applicator for Leather Care and the Green Micro Fiber Interior Cloths work best with the Leather Care Spray. 35 ounce bottle does not include Finest Sprayer.

35 oz.

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Griots Garage Leather Care Spray 35 oz.