Griots Garage High Gloss Dressing 22 oz.

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Griotís Garage High Gloss Dressing offers the ultimate in shine and protection for the vinyl, plastic, and rubber components of your vehicle. This unique formula is free of any waxes, oils, or solvents, offering nothing but pure unadulterated shine with every application. Griotís Garage High Gloss Dressing goes on fast, dries to the touch, and leaves an amazing glossy shine in its wake!

Some people prefer a subtle sheen on tires and trim, and then there are others who want the GLOSS! If you fall into the latter category, you may be disappointed with the industry offerings thus far. Most high-gloss formulas are thick sticky gels that donít dry and sling off, or they require multiple coats to get the gloss you crave. Not anymore! Griotís Garage High Gloss Dressing makes getting maximum gloss easier than ever.

Griotís Garage High Gloss Dressing is unlike any other high-loss dressing out there. The oil-free formula wonít attract dust and grime, and the spray formula is easy to use. As if that wasnít enough, Griotís Garage High Gloss Dressing is chock full of UV inhibitors that help prevent long term fading and discoloration. Use Griotís Garage High Gloss Dressing on all of your external vinyl, rubber, and plastic components for maximum gloss and protection!

22 oz.

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