Griots Garage Random Orbital Wolfgang Duo

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The performance of German Engineering and American Know-How!

Inclusive polishing kit that removes swirl marks and creates a high-gloss

Remove scratches, swirl marks, and water spots from all paint finishes

Safe and powerful Griot's Garage polisher is safe for all users

Driving your car should be an exciting experience and polishing it to perfect should be easy. That is why we combined the best products from around the globe to give your total polishing power with Griot's Garage Random Orbital Wolfgang Duo. We have included the fantastic German engineered Wolfgang Polishes, designed to create flawless finishes on Europeís most demanding cars, with the powerful Griot's Garage Random Orbital Polisher, for fast polishing action. Also included is a matched range of Lake Country's CCS pads, including the soft black finishing pad, so you can protect your paint with ease and speed. Spend more time driving your car and leave the admiring glances to onlookers as you pass by.

The Griot's Garage Random Orbital Wolfgang Duo includes:

Griot's Garage 6 inch Random Orbital Polisher
The Griot's Garage 6 inch Random Orbital Polisher features a powerful 750 watt motor that operates between 2500 and 6800 OPM. The result is an aggressive, yet safe polishing action that powers through swirl marks faster than other DA polishers. The random orbital design makes this safe for beginners, yet the powerful motor makes this the choice of many professionals.

Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3.0, 8 oz.
Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3.0 is a feat of modern surface science. Developed by Menzerna for Wolfgang, Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3.0 is an aggressive swirl remover with the gentle touch of a shine-enhancing polish. Itís not an oxymoron Ė itís a unique breed of abrasives that level paint without scratching. Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3.0 starts improving the paint immediately and leaves the paint noticeably smoother and shinier, even before the finishing polish is applied. Wolfgang TSW works great on all polishers including the Griot's Garage Random Orbital in this kit. Apply with the Orange Lake Country Pad for best results.

Wolfgang Finishing Glad 3.0, 8 oz.
Wolfgang Finishing Glaze 3.0 is a fusion of the original Finishing Glaze formula and Menzernaís Nano Polish. Menzerna developed this hybrid formula exclusively for Wolfgang The goal was to create a finishing polish with more correction ability, without sacrificing shine. Thatís what we have with Wolfgang Finishing Glaze 3.0. This unique formula blends away 2500 grit sanding marks yet finishes with the gloss and slickness of a fine machine glaze. Apply with the Lake Country White CCS Pad in this kit to product a swirl-free, high gloss finish.

CCS 6.5 Inch Orange Light Cutting Pad
This firm, high density pad is perfect for moderate to aggressive polishing. Use CCS 6.5 Inch Orange Light Cutting Pads to apply compounds, and medium to aggressive polishes to remove swirl marks, compounding haze, and other moderate defects. Use this pad with Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3.0 to remove swirl marks and other moderate paint blemishes in conjunction with this kit.

CCS 6.5 Inch White Polishing Pad
This firm, dense pad is ideal for most polishing situations and creates a high-quality finish. Use the CCS 6.5 Inch White Polishing Pads to apply final polishes, to remove swirl marks, light compounding haze, and light paint defects while creating a high gloss finish. Use this pad with Wolfgang Finishing Glaze 3.0 to remove any light haze or minor paint defects in order to create a flawless shine.

CCS 6.5 Inch Black Finishing Pad
This soft, imported pad has no mechanical action. Use CCS 6.5 Inch Black Finishing Pad to apply a final coat of wax or sealant, or for final polishing on extremely delicate paint. Use this pad with your favorite protectant to seal in the shine created on with the previous steps in this kit.

2 Microfiber Polishing Towels, 16 x 16 inches
These microfiber towels are extremely soft, yet amazingly versatile. They are perfect for drying, buffing, waxing, or wiping down the paint with out scratching. The tightly woven fibers reduce linting and allow for machine washing so you can use them over again!

Griot's Garage 6 Inch Random Orbital Polisher
8 oz. Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3.0
8 oz. Wolfgang Finishing Glaze 3.0
CCS Orange Light Cutting Foam Pad, 6.5 inches
CCS White Heavy Polishing Foam Pad, 6.5 inches
CCS Black Finishing Foam Pad, 6.5 inches
2 Microfiber Polishing Towels (16 x 16 inches)

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Upgrade to the Heavy-Duty Griot's Garage 6 inch Random Orbital Polisher!

The HD model has a heavy-duty 16 gauge, 25 foot power cord hardwired into the polisher. The longer cord is more convenient than an extension cord and it is gauged to deliver maximum power to the polisher for safe, efficient operation. Select the HD model from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

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