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Griots Garage Wash & Wax

16 oz.
Item#: GR-11024   
128 oz.
Item#: GR-11025   

Item Description:

The Perfect Way to Quickly Clean & Protect Your Vehicle!

Add wax protection to your paint as you wash.

Free rinsing formula resists water spots.

Provides an increase in water beading and shine.

Griot's Garage Wash & Wax is a simple way to clean your paint and boost the shine. This formula is so easy to use that you may never think of the work that went into this amazing formula. For years Richard Griot played with mixing Griot's fabulous Car Wash with their wax. Now they have developed a product so you can enjoy it as well: Griot's Garage Wash & Wax. It's for those times when you are pressed for time but want to put some protection on your paint. By no means, does this eliminate the need for a proper wax or sealant application (and why would you deny yourself from your much deserved car care therapy time?), but it's a great alternative when you are busy. While it's cleaning the dirty surface it leaves behind a layer of protection. Fast, easy and fun! What could be better?

16 oz.

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Griots Garage Wash & Wax
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