Griots Long-Lasting Tire Dressing

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Keep Your Tires Looking New With Our Long Lasting Tire Dressing

Weather resistant formula keeps tires looking great in all weather conditions.

Apply additional coats to increase shine and gloss for desired look.

Non-slinging formula stays on your tires, not on your car.

Richard Griot developed Griot's Garage Long-Lasting Tire Dressing specifically for tough weather conditions. It rains a bit in the Northwest so rest assured, this product was well tested by Richard himself. No greasy, oily, slimy mess that flies off your tires onto your wheels and paint. This dressing stays put. The fluid is thick and easy to apply using a tire dressing applicator. This way, you eliminate overspray, drips and marks on your driveway or garage. The finish is a nice black, satin for a natural rubber look. If you like a glossy look, simply apply a second or third coat. You can choose the level of shine. Take proper care of your expensive tires and enjoy a finish that lasts and lasts. This is also great for dressing rubber bumpers and black plastic trim. Use it on plastic and rubber engine parts, too!

8 oz.

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