Griots Garage Rolling Cart with Outlets

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The Griots Garage Rolling Cart with Outlets has been specifically designed to make detailing your vehicle an easier, more efficient process. This unique detailing cart features the shelves you’d expect in a cart, along with three electrical outlets to streamline your process. The Griots Garage Rolling Cart with Outlets has a spot for everything and rolls around your vehicle with ease, helping you to create a highly efficient workflow to increase productivity, for both enthusiasts and professionals alike!

Detailing your vehicle is an in-depth process that can become tedious without proper planning and organization. Just think about the last time you detailed your car, chances are that even if you didn’t perform a multi-step correction and deep interior clean, you had at least a couple of “now where did I put my…” moments—it happens to us all! The Griots Garage Rolling Cart with Outlets helps minimize those annoying moments so that you can keep detailing till the job is done.

The Griots Garage Rolling Cart with Outlets is composed of High Density polyethylene (HDPE), a durable plastic composite that outlasts lesser plastics. Each shelf is 2 ¾” deep to help prevent your detailing essentials from falling off during transport and contain any accidental spills. The handle of the cart features a cord wrap and three fully grounded 15A outlets making it easy to keep your polisher, vacuum, and any other electrical detailing aids close at hand. And the heart of any rolling cart is, of course, the casters. The Griots Garage Rolling Cart sports heavy-duty four inch casters for easy maneuverability. When your cart is in place, two of the casters can be locked to keep it in place.

Increase efficiency while you have fun in your garage with the Griots Garage Rolling Cart with Outlets!

Measures approximately 18" x 24" x 36 5/8" tall
14.5' long power cord
Made in the U.S.A.

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