Griots Garage Hand Wax Applicators, Set of 3

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Griots Garage Hand Wax Applicators help you apply thin, even coats of your favorite detailing products again and again. These fully reusable applicators can be used again and again, making them an excellent value. Griots Garage Hand Wax Applicators are extra soft and easy to grip making them ideal for hand application of all of your favorite detailing products.

Most detailers will attest to the fact that a machine polisher is ideal for application of most products, but even detailers with every polisher under the sun need a hand applicator for certain things. Whether itís a therapeutic coat or carnauba, or applying your product in a hard to reach spot, high-quality hand applicators are a must for every detailer! Griots Garage Hand Wax Applicators fill that need with high-quality foam that can be washed and reused multiple times.

Griots Garage Hand Wax Applicators are composed of ultra-soft open-cell foam in a one piece design. Thatís rightóone pieceóthereís no heat seam on these applicators that can scratch and mar. Griots Garage Hand Wax Applicators ensure a thin, even coat every time!

Set of 3 applicators

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