Griots Garage 100% Cotton Buffing Cloths - 10 Pack

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Griots Garage 100% Cotton Buffing Cloths are cotton cloths specifically designed for use during automotive detailing tasks. Theses soft, lint-free towels are perfect for removing polish and compound residue without scratching or marring the surface. Griots Garage 100% Cotton Buffing Cloths are extremely versatile and make a welcome addition to any detailer’s towel collection!

In the early days of auto detailing, there weren’t a lot of options for soft towels. Microfiber hadn’t even been invented yet! Most detailers inevitably turned to soft cotton fabrics for all of their wax removal needs. T-shirts and cloth diapers were commonly used by detailers thanks to their soft, durable composition. Griot’s garage remembers, and they’ve created a towel that is specially designed for use on automotive surfaces!

Griots Garage 100% Cotton Buffing Cloths feature 100% cotton composition, right down to the thread used to stich them! These extremely versatile towels are perfect for wax removal, or removing polish and compound residues, but they don’t stop there! Bring Griots Garage 100% Cotton Buffing Cloths inside the house and you’ve got a perfect solution for dusting, wipedowns, and general cleaning too! This convenient 10 pack means that you’ll always be prepared to detail any surface in and around your car—and your home too!

19 x 19 inches
10 pack

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