Griots Garage Bug and Smudge Remover 128 oz.

Item Description:

Griots Garage Bug & Smudge Remover is the perfect way to dissolve bug guts and miscellaneous smudges with ease. This unique formula is designed to be completely safe and totally effective, making it a must have for your detailing arsenal. Griots Garage Bug & Smudge Remover is perfect for quick cleanups at the car show or track!

If thereís anything that will ruin your show car finish fast, itís bug guts. Not to mention rubber scuff marks, smudges, and other grime! While in a perfect world, youíd be able to wash your car the traditional wash every time a bug smashes into your bumper, thatís simply not practical. After a day on the highway, at the track, or at a car show, there probably arenít a whole lot of hours left in the day! Griots Garage Bug & Smudge Remover is a simple solution for eliminating unsightly bugs and grime quickly!

Griots Garage Bug & Smudge Remover is chock full of gentle surfactants and protective lubricants. In fact, itís safe for all exterior surfaces and overspray can easily be wiped away from glass and plastic. The deep penetrating Griots Garage Bug & Smudge Remover formula immediately goes to work dissolving contaminants so you can safely wipe them away. A simple spray, a little well time, and a wipedown with a soft microfiber towel will have your vehicle clean again!

Follow up with Griotís Garage Spray-On Car Wax to protect he finish and make future cleaning easier.

128 oz.

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