Griots Garage Foaming Surface Prep - 128 oz.

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Rids surface of abrasive particles, avoids wash-induced scratches

High pH levels breakdown waxes and sealants, providing a clean slate for paint correction

Dual-layer foam formula extends dwell time, enhances cleaning action

Extended dwell times... up to 10 minutes of intense cleaning action

Foaming Surface Prep is the most intense foam cleaner in the BOSS™ Foaming System!

You'll love how Foaming Surface Prep delivers a deep clean, prevents wash-induced scratches, and sets the stage for surface decontamination, defect removal, and paint protection. Foaming Surface has a high pH blend of detergents and other advanced active ingredients that delivers an intense cleaning action that softens road film and organic contaminant, and leaves the surface free of waxes and sealants. So you'll need to follow up by reapplying your wax or sealant basecoat. For tough, stuck-on dirt Foaming Surface Prep can be transformed into a powerful spray-on cleaner by diluting it in our Secondary Spray Bottle. At a 10:1 ratio, you can make quick work of grungy road slime, bird droppings, bug splats, and other stubborn stains.

128 oz.

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