Griots Garage Ceramic Headlight Restoration Kit - Moderate

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Complete kit - requires no power tools

Restores your clarity to severely oxidized headlights

Prevents future UV damage and oxidation

Lifetime ceramic protection powered by Cerakote Ceramics


Drive with clarity!

Griot's Garage Ceramic Headlight Restoration Kit Ė Moderate provides you with a simple solution to mildly oxidized and yellowing headlights. Using advanced chemistry, the Griot's Garage Ceramic Headlight Restoration Kit enables you to restore optical clarity without the need for machine polishing or other complex procedures. Simply wipe off oxidation and wipe on protection. And with the help of Cerakote Ceramics, the Griot's Garage Ceramic Headlight Restoration Kit is able to provide you with a lifetimes worth of protection once completed! Foggy and ineffective headlights can be a danger to you and everyone you share the road with. And in just under 30 minutes, you can restore those lights back to a glaring shine!

COMPLETE KIT! Contains all the tools you need to restore clarity back to your headlights!
This isnít a la carte! One click for one kit and youíre on your way to restoring optical clarity back to your headlights. This simple two-step kit covers just what you need to remove mild to moderate oxidation from your headlights, and then keep it from coming back! Step two of this simple solution covers your headlights in a durable ceramic shield from Cerakote Ceramics!

NO TOOLS NEEDED! Work smart, not hard. Let the chemistry do the hard work for you!
You wonít need hundreds of dollarsí worth of tools to use this kit, and you wonít find any sketchy procedures either! Simple and convenient oxidation removal wipes restore clarity without the need for applicators or foam pads, just like the included ceramic protection!

PROTECT! Get a lifetimes worth of protection with Cerakote Ceramics wipes!
After you put in the work to restore your headlights, you donít want to leave them to face the elements alone! The Griot's Garage Ceramic Headlight Restoration Kit contains ceramic protection wipes powered by Cerakote Ceramics. Partnering with Cerakote Ceramics brings specialized knowledge of ceramic compounds to provide a full lifetimes worth protection from each application!

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