Griots Garage 1-Inch BOSS Fast Correcting Foam Pads - 6 Pack

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Special ultra-firm foam makes this the most aggressive BOSS foam pad

Low-profile design delivers unrivaled energy transfer and defect removal

Low center of gravity and light weight improves tool control

Available in multiple sizes

The BOSS of the Griotís foam pad line

The Griotís BOSS Fast Correcting Foam Pads were developed to meet the needs of neglected paint finishes. As the firmest foam in the BOSS lineup, the Griotís BOSS Fast Correcting Foam Pads will remove deeper defects such as scratches and swirl marks when paired with the appropriate compound, like Griotís BOSS Fast Correcting Cream. The Griotís BOSS Fast Correcting Foam Pads are a low-profile pad, coming in at just 5/8-inch thick. The lower profile produces a low center of gravity that improves tool stability and pad control for an enhanced user experience. The high-quality euro-foam pad is outfitted with a centered intercooling hole to resist heat buildup on the pad face and eliminate pad dishing and other surface damage.

6 Pack - 1 Inch

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