Griots Garage Best In Flow Water Valve - Coming Soon

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Control knob allows you to fine-tune your water flow

Metal clip locks in the lever for continuous flow

Created using a one-piece cast aluminum body and brass internal components

Ergonomic rubber grip for optimal comfort

Best in flow will make you the best in show!

The Griotís Best in Flow Water Valve is the perfect addition to your wash setup! The Griotís Best in Flow Water Valve provides you with an easy on/off solution to use your hose just as an open hose. This leaver-operated hose attachment is composed of a one-piece aluminum boy and brass internal components, wrapped with an ergonomic rubber grip. The combination of dual threaded sides allows for you to combine the Griotís Best in Flow Water Valve with your favorite hose nozzle. Or outfit with a quick connect and quickly swap out between you foam gun and hose nozzle. Regardless of what you use it with or how you want to use it, the control knob atop the Griotís Best in Flow Water Valve will ensure you have the ideal water flow!

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