Griots Garage 3 Inch Mini Orange Polishing Foam Pads - 3 Pack

Item Description:

For fast-acting paint defect removal!

Chamfered edges

Removes light to moderate paint defects

Can be used by hand or by machine

When you need a pad thatís perfect at removing light to moderate paint defects, but also finishes nicely and has a quality construction Ė you need the Griotís Garage Orange Foam Correcting Pads. Designed with the same open-cell foam as the other Griotís Garage Pads, the Orange Foam Correcting Pads offer a quick and easy solution to paint imperfections. Correct your paint and move onto the next step in perfection with Griotís Garage Orange Foam Correcting Pads!

Griotís Garage Orange Foam Correcting Pads feature:

• Light to Moderate Paint Correction Ė When your paint is dull and starting to look worn, thatís usually caused by paint imperfections like swirls and scratches Ė using the Griotís Garage Orange Foam Correcting Pads will get them gone and have your paint shining once again! The closed-cell foam provides an even application of product for ideal defect removal conditions.

• Chamfered Edge Ė By using a chamfered (sloping) edge, Griotís Garage has managed to fully maximize the application area of the Black Foam Finishing Pads by not limiting it to the size of the backing. By creating this ďbevelĒ, you can apply more product in less time!

Available in 4 different sizes, the Griotís Garage Orange Foam Correcting Pads are a detailing-essential and are perfect for use with any machine polisher!

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