GlassParency S2 PH Neutral Soap - 16 oz.

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The soft touch of S2 is perfect for your protected paint!

GlassParency S2 PH Neutral Soap is the perfect balance between a gentle touch and a powerful punch of cleaning power. This high sudsing, pH balanced wash encapsulates and lifts dirt and grime safely from the surface without harming your underlying wax, sealant, or coating. GlassParency S2 PH Neutral Soap foams up in a bucket with just a quick blast of water, but can also produce a thick, rich foam when used with a foam gun or foam cannon. The thick lather produced by GlassParency S2 PH Neutral Soap provides ample lubrication for removing contamination while working to prevent paint abrasion. This dilutable detergent concentrate is a great choice for professional detailers and enthusiast alike.

SOFT TOUCH! PH balanced formula is safe for all finishes and protectants!
Of course you want a fresh, clean surface after you wash your paint, but you don't want to wash off your protection! Many powerful washes use aggressive cleaners that will remove your underlying waxes and sealants. This aggressive approach can even negatively impact your ceramic coating. The pH balanced, or neutral, formulation of GlassParency S2 PH Neutral Soap ensures that you're only washing off what you don't want. Dirt!

HIGH FOAMING! Creates thick suds to provide ample lubrication!
Don't settle for sub-par soaps! GlassParency S2 PH Neutral Soap creates a thick lather that pampers your paint. The rich foam encapsulates dirt and provides plenty of lubrication to remove dirt. This gentle approach allows GlassParency S2 PH Neutral Soap to clean the surface while helping to prevent any accidental paint abrasion during the washing process.

VERSATILE APPLICATION! Ideal for use in a traditional bucket wash, foam gun, or foam cannon!
Don't limit the way you wash. Whether you're a traditional style detailer that likes to break out the buckets, or the foam cannon master that waves a wand of snow, GlassParency S2 PH Neutral Soap is a perfect choice. With 1-3 ounces of soap and a quick blast of water you'll have a lubricant rich wash perfect for any paint type or protectant!


  • Pour 1-3 oz. of S2 into a bucket.
  • Use water pressure to form suds.
  • Wash vehicle with a soft mitt or designated wash cloth.
  • Rinse with clean water.
  • S2 also works extremely well in a foam cannon or foam gun.

16 oz.

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