GlassParency Boost Multi-Use Sealant - 16 oz.

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Creates a slick, glossy finish with a simple application

Protects from water spotting, UV rays, chemical stains, and more

Can be used as a drying aid that boosts protection

Perfect as a topper, or as a standalone sealant

Give your gloss a boost!

Create a slick gloss in seconds with GlassParency Boost Multi-Use Sealant! This may not come as a surprise, but this silica-based spray sealant provides you with multiple options for application. GlassParency Boost Multi-Use Sealant can be used as a stand-alone protectant and provide 3-6 months of dependable protection. Looking to take your paint coating to the next level? GlassParency Boost Multi-Use Sealant is also a perfect topper to your ceramic coating. Using silica as the productís base makes it the perfect pair for any coating! Even better, GlassParency Boost Multi-Use Sealant can be used as a drying aid to reduce the risk of towel marring while simultaneously adding protection.

SLICK GLOSS! Silica based spray provides a slick and glossy feel to your paint!
Silica, which is the base for most ceramic coatings, gives GlassParency Boost Multi-Use Sealant an advantage when compared to other spray and wipe protectants. GlassParency Boost Multi-Use Sealant uses this to produce stunning gloss, slickness, and hydroponics!

SIMPLE APPLICATION! Spray and buff application makes protection simple!
You wonít find a complex multiple step directions on the back of this bottle. Just simply spray an even layer of GlassParency Boost Multi-Use Sealant on the surface and spread across the panel with a microfiber towel. Buff away any excess product with a clean microfiber towel and enjoy the results of minimal labor!

VERSATILE PROTECTION! Perfect for multiple surfaces and multiple application processes!
This isn't just a plain old protectant! GlassParency Boost Multi-Use Sealant gives you an option for more surfaces than other spray on sealants while also giving you more options for application. GlassParency Boost Multi-Use Sealant can be used as a stand-alone sealant and provide 3-6 months of protection. Need a topper for your ceramic coating? Use GlassParency Boost Multi-Use Sealant. Sensitive paint? Yeah, you can use GlassParency Boost Multi-Use Sealant as a drying agent too!


  • Spray evenly onto vehicle surface.
  • Using a clean microfiber cloth, wipe the surface in a cross-hatch (side-to-side, top-to-bottom) pattern to evenly distribute the product.
  • With a clean, dry microfiber, gently level/wipe away any excess product leaving behind a clean, streak-free, hydrophobic shine.

16 oz.

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