Griots Garage PFM Dual Weave Glass Towel - Set of 4

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The Griots Garage PFM Dual Weave Glass Towel is the perfect towel for achieving streak-free glass. These ’Pure Freakin’ Magic,’ or PFM, towels feature a thick terry weave on one side and a smoother, tighter weave on the other allowing for perfect glass every time! Griots Garage PFM Dual Weave Glass Towel provide the fastest route to clean, smudge-free glass without the hassle.

Clean glass is essential for safe driving. Even though you can still technically see through smudged glass, it’s an incredible distraction when sunlight’or worse, headlights’hit it. The last thing you need is to be distracted from the road while driving! Griots Garage PFM Dual Weave Glass Towels all but eliminate that problem.

Griots Garage PFM Dual Weave Glass Towels feature a deep nap terry weave on one side that effectively eliminates smudges and films’even smoker’s film’from glass. Once you’ve tackled the tough stuff, flip the towel to the smoother side and buff the glass to perfection. You can throw away your crumpled up newspapers, paper towels, and other ineffective glass cleaning options and trade them in for the Griots Garage PFM Dual Weave Glass Towel!

Clean Griots Garage PFM Dual Weave Glass Towels with your other microfiber towels in Griots Garage Micro Fiber & Foam Pad Cleaner to keep them working their best for years to come. Never use fabric softener with any microfiber towels.

9 x 9 inches
Set of 4

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Makes cleaning glass effortless!
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By Roger
Eastern Ozarks, Missouri
useful cloth
October 24, 2018
I have been amateur detailing for 60 years. I don't like cleaning auto glass and I'm not really good at it. I can work for what seems like hours, then drive off and see streaks. It's not that I don't use quality products (I use Sprayway, Poorboy's, or a home made concoction. ) I just find the whole business of cleaning glass frustrating. Having that off my chest, these microfibers are on of the best glass cleaning tools I have come across. But, so far, I can't give any glass cleaning product 5 stars.
Good design, well-made, effective Small, pricey
By Philip
San Diego, CA
Great towels but maybe too small
January 4, 2018
Love the 16x16 PFM terry towels but these are a bit small but you do get 4 in a pack. The smooth side doesn't seem necessary as the terry PFM towels seem to clean glass without streaking by themselves. Still, it's nice to have a dedicated set of glass towels.
Effective Streak free glass cleaning The PFM terry towel in a smaller size Maybe a bit too small Pricey