Foam Gun Wash Guide - Featuring Foamaster Foam Gun and BLACKFIRE Foam Soap

Foam Gun Wash Guide - Featuring Foamaster Foam Gun and BLACKFIRE Foam SoapFoam Gun Wash Guide: Featuring Foamaster Foam Gun and BLACKFIRE Foam Soap
By: Will C. @ Autopia | 8-29-19

You don't need an expensive pressure washer or an air compressor to enjoy the benefits of using a foaming method. Don't just take my word for it, check out how effective this system is in the write up below!

Autopia Guide to Foam Gun Washing

If you arenít using a Foamaster Foam Gun, youíre washing your car wrong.

Washing your car is the most basic yet time consuming part of a detail. Whether you detail for a living or just really enjoy keep your personal cars clean, the first ste is always washing. Now thereís plenty of car wash methods out there Ė two-bucket method, microfiber-soaked-in-solution method, your Uncle Ernieís famous chamois method, waterless wash, rinseless wash, the list goes on and on. While all of those (maybe with the exception of Uncle Ernieís method) are definitely useful and have their unique time and place, by far our favorite method (and the one that will save you the most time!) is the one that uses a Foam Gun.

The biggest draw of using a Foam Gun, be it the quart or the half-gallon, is how easy it is. With the Foamaster Foam Guns, you donít need a pressure washer or air compressor Ė all you need is a standard garden hose!

After attaching the red handle to your hose, add your solution and mix well. If using BLACKFIRE Foam Soap (as pictured), add 2 oz. to 6-8 oz. of water in your foam gun.

Another advantage of using a Foam Gun is how easily youíre now able to wash larger vehicles. When using just a bucket full of car wash, you continuously have to dip your brush into the bucket and hope that you donít lose most of your suds along the way. The Foam Guns are easily aimed and will produce a thick stream of suds up to 8 feet high!

Once your solution is mixed and ready to go, start spraying directly onto the surface being washed. The BLACKFIRE Foam Soap easily clings to the surface and works to encapsulate dirt for safe removal from the surface.

By first coating your vehicle in a thick layer of suds, youíre minimizing the risk of washing induced swirls and scratches. All of that foam means thereís more lubrication on the surface, allow your washing medium of choice to capture contamination and remove it without harm.

The trick to any car wash is not allowing your wash to dry on the surface. Keep your vehicleís surface wet and lubricated with continuous passes with the Foam Gun.

If your vehicle is particularly dirty and requires extra agitation and washing, keep your Foam Gun in one hand, your wash mitt in the other and spray additional foam as needed during the wash. This keeps your wash mitt lubricated to reduce the risk of washing induced swirls and is easier than the constant up and down motion that washing from a bucket brings!

While weíre on the list of benefits that using a Foam Gun comes with, letís talk about wheel detailing. Just like paint, when wheels need to be washed they could certainly do with an extended dwell time that the Foam Gun provides. And this way, youíre not contaminating your wash brush or mitt before youíre ready to agitate Ė your wheels can start to clean even without touching them!

While washing one panel at a time is standard practice, what if youíre washing a large vehicle (with large panels)? Thatís another area the Foam Gun comes in handy! You can quickly cover a whole large panel in a thick layer of suds.

Washing your car doesnít have to be a long, drawn-out chore that (letís be honest here) isnít as much fun as applying a paint coating or wax Ė using a Foamaster Foam Gun will not only make your life easier, it will also bring the fun back into car washing!

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