FLEX PE8 Kompakt HD Rotary Polisher

Item Description:

Work more efficiently with a 25' heavy-duty power cord!

The FLEX PE8 HD Kompakt Rotary Polisher is the only polisher you need to perfect those small intricate sections of your vehicle. This incredibly compact and lightweight circular polisher allows you to bring the power of your favorite rotary polisher to the areas of your detailing project that require careful precision. The FLEX PE8 HD Kompakt Rotary Polisher is compatible with pads ranging from one to three inches in diameter.

If you’re like most diehard machine polishing enthusiasts, you probably have more than one machine on your shelf. After all, some tasks only require an orbital polisher, while others need the raw power of a rotary unit. One things most polishers have in come, whether orbital or rotary, is the fact that they’re too large to effectively correct more intricate areas—especially traditionally large, heavy rotary models! FLE already introduced the world to lightweight rotary polishers with the FLEX L3403 VRG, and now they’ve taken lightweight rotary polishers a step further with the FLEX PE8 HD Kompakt Rotary Polisher.

The FLEX PE8 HD Kompakt Rotary Polisher is incredibly light, weighing in at a paltry 4 pounds this greatly reduces user fatigue during extended polishing sessions. Additionally, the 7.6 amp motor runs incredibly smooth, and much quieter than you’d expect. The HD model also features a whopping 25 feet of power cord so you can wok all the way around the vehicle without having to deal with extension cords. The FLEX PE8 HD Kompakt Rotary Polisher is ideal for tackling intricate spots without sacrificing results!

FLEX PE8 HD Kompakt Rotary Polisher at a Glance:
  • it only weighs 4 pounds helping to reduce user fatigue.
  • Heavy-duty, all-rubber 25’ power cord allows easier maneuvering around the vehicle during detailing sessions.
  • Ideal for buffing thin panels and tight areas that require careful precision.
  • Smaller pad is easier to control, reducing accidents.
  • Powerful, 7.6 amp motor runs smoothly and quietly.
  • Features shut-off carbon brushes that prevent damage when a brush wears out.
  • Can be used with pads as small as 1 inch in diameter
Use the FLEX PE8 HD Kompakt Rotary Polisher for small jobs that require the power of a rotary like headlight restorations, motorcycle detailing, glass polishing, marine applications, and more!

FLEX PE8 HD Kompakt Rotary Polisher RPM Speed Settings:
  • 1 – 1300
  • 2 - 1600
  • 3 - 2100
  • 4 - 2800
  • 5 - 3400
  • 6 - 3900

Use the FLEX PE8 HD Kompakt Rotary Polisher with the pads ranging from 1-3 inches.

Shown with Rotary Backing Plate Extension (Sold separately).

1 year warranty

Made in Germany