FLEX 50 ft. 12/3 SJTW HD Extension Cord with Lighted Plug

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The ONLY extension cord you need for your FLEX Power Tools!

Made in America, the FLEX Heavy Duty Extension Cord is a 15 AMP, 125V 12/3 SJTW power cord to provide power for your high consumption needs - including polishing with your FLEX Polisher. Unline other power cords, the Flex HD Extension Cord features a pliable rubber casing to eliminate kinking as well as lighted plug ends. Using a low-quality extension cord can hinder your tool's power, but with the FLEX Heavy Duty Extension Cord you are ready for the best possible FLEX polishing experience.
Featuring lighted ends, the 50 foot length, the FLEX Heavy Duty Extension Cord is an essential tool in your FLEX detailing line-up!

Using an incorrect extension cord is unfortunately an error that is all to common among beginning detailers. Failure to use a high quality extension cord that can power your unit can lead in cord overheating, loss of power and even irreversible harm to your expensive dual-action or rotary polisher. Don't shorten your tool's lifespan by using an inferior extension cord, upgrade to the Fled Heavy Duty Extension Cord today!

What makes the Flex Heavy Duty Extension Cord so special? In addition to its rubber casting, it also feature a high quality is a 12 AGW wire that conducts electricity more effectively than a thinner, lower gauge cord. This higher gauge extension cord is crucial, especially in such a long length as the further the electricity has to travel, the more power it loses. The high gauge 12AGW wire allows for this cord to reach an astonishing total of 50 feet while still providing ample energy for your power tool needs.

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