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Flatstoppers Tire Supports Set of 4

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Item Description:

Prevent tire flat spots during storage!

Flatstoppers are a unique product that help prevent your tires from developing flats spots during storage. These tire supports cradle the tire, following the natural curve so flat spots are no longer an issue. Flatstoppers are nonslip and safe for use in the garage or on the driveway.

If your vehicle is stored during any time of the year, your tires are at risk of developing flat spots. The weight of the vehicle pressing the tires against the ground causes this problem. When it’s time to pull your vehicle out of storage, these flat spots cause a rough and noisy ride. Flatstoppers help maintain the roundness of the tires to help eliminate the risk of flat spots.

The lightweight, yet durable design of Flatstoppers make them easy to move and super reliable. The nonslip design keeps the cradles in place as you drive onto or off of the Flatstoppers. The temperature-resistant material that Flatstoppers are composed of will not conduct heat or cold from the ground below them. Flatstoppers will not damage or leave marks on your garage floor.

Always use a tire cradle suited for your vehicle’s tires. Flatstoppers are designed for use with tires that have a diameter of 25 to 30 inches. Using all four Flatstoppers evenly distributes weight between each tire for optimum results.

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Flatstoppers Tire Supports Set of 4