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Optimum FerreX quickly and easily dissolves ferrous oxides—better known as iron particles—from your vehicle's exterior surfaces. This acid-free, pH-balanced formula prevents the long-term damage that iron particles can cause while providing a smooth, clean surface ready for a show-car shine! Optimum FerreX not only dissolves iron particles, it also annihilates tar and old wax buildup too!
Optimum FerreX Iron Remover bleeds red as it removes iron particles!
Use on paint to remove iron particles. Color-changing formula shows you that it's working!
Optimum FerreX Iron Remover works great on wheels
Use FerreX to remove heavy brake dust from wheels
It may be surprising to learn, but from the time your vehicle leaves the paint booth on the production line, it is under a constant barrage of iron contamination. Even if you drive your vehicle straight home from the dealership and park it in the garage, it's already seen enough exposure to iron particles to have potential damage in the future. If a vehicle is parked outside for even a short time (like when it was on the dealership lot), transported by train, or even stored or parked in close proximity to train tracks it has been exposed to iron particles. And need we mention brake dust? While the damage won't be visible right away, these tiny pieces of contamination can pierce through the clear coat eventually causing permanent damage. This may sound impossible to deal with, but Optimum FerreX makes removing damaging iron particles easier than ever before! Optimum FerreX dissolves ferrous oxides from exterior surfaces like paint, glass, chrome, and wheels leaving nothing behind but a smooth contaminant-free surface—even tar and old wax will be a thing of the past! All of that buildup of old waxes, road tar, and bump, gloss-hindering iron will be dissolved so that you can bring out the glossy shine you've been missing. Your wheels, which take a beating from brake dust, will be clean as a whistle after being cleaned with Optimum FerreX! Optimum FerreX is really easy to use! The color-changing formula turns red when it makes contact with iron particles, so you can be sure it's working. Simply was the vehicle, rinse it thoroughly, and then spray the surface with Optimum FerreX, letting it dwell for 1-2 minutes. Tough contamination may require agitation with a sponge or brush. After the dwell time is up, rinse with a strong jet of water and enjoy the smoothness! Follow up with your favorite polish, wax, or sealant.
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