EZ Mist Sprayer - Black

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Item Description:

Atomizes inside the Spray head prior to exiting the sprayer tip

Provides constant even application

Reduces product use

Provides easier application on finicky products

Donít reach for a sprayer the just spits out a splatter! The EZ Mist Sprayer is the solution you need for perfect product application, every time. This progressive spryer utilizes a larger sprayer head that atomizes your product of choice before it makes it to the sprayer tip. The method of early atomization provides a consecutive spray pattern with every pull of the trigger. Thus, providing uniform coverage across any panel. Not only will this conserve product, it will also reduce application issues such as streaking with finicky products. To refill, a simple quarter turn is all that is needed to remove the spray head. The EZ Mist Sprayer is the perfect companion for any detailer, hobbyist or professional!

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