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Duragloss Clear Coat Polish (CCP) #111

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Item Description:

Super synthetic protection for clear coat finishes!

Creates a “wet look shine” that compliments all colors.

A true, high gloss paint sealant.

Glossy shine resists acids and alkaline cleaners.

Duragloss CCP (Clear Coat Polish) is a non-abrasive synthetic formula, which gives a "wet look" shine and durable protective coating. This product is durable to both acid and alkaline washes. Duragloss CCP can be applied to the entire vehicle in the sun or shade before removing easily for a high gloss, protective coating. Use a pre-wax cleaner or polish prior to using Duragloss Clear Coat Polish #111 for best results.

8 oz.

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Duragloss Clear Coat Polish CCP #111