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Duragloss Bug Remover (BR) #471

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Item Description:

Removes bugs but leaves the protection alone!

Proprietary formula targets bug remains.

Will not strip durable protection.

Removes insects, oil, and tar.

Duragloss Bug Remover dissolves and removes bugs, oil and tar with ease. Duragloss BR works great on painted surfaces, fiberglass, chrome and glass. It will not harm clear coated paint or remove durable sealants and waxes. Bug remains arenít just unsightly; the acids produced as the body breaks down can etch paint, metal, and glass. The best prevention is to remove bugs as quickly as possible, and definitely donít let them bake in the sun. At the first sight of bugs, tar, and oil spray the spots with Duragloss Bug Remover. While Duragloss Bug Remover will not strip your durable wax or sealant, some bug remains are so acidic that they eat right through your protective barrier. It is a good idea to reapply your wax or sealant to any areas where heavy bug remains were.

22 oz. trigger spray

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Duragloss Bug Remover BR #471