Dupray Steam Cleaners

Dupray Steam CleanersDupray Steam Cleaners are leaders with their innovate designs, unique features and rock-solid industrial construction. Dupray is known all around North America for providing world-renowned Technovap products, a high-quality line of professional and personal cleaning machines hand made in Italy with nearly three decades of experience. Dupray is dedicated to providing products that are as tough on dirt and germs as they are safe for the environment.

You can't help but notice a high-quality Dupray Steam Cleaner's rugged good looks. The boilers are made from AISI 304 stainless steel. Each Dupray model proves that its beauty is more than skin deep, with unique features (depending on the model) such as continuous refill systems, self-cleaning boilers that allow the use of tap water, variable steam pressures, water injection and much much more.

Steam cleaning works by blowing a superheated blast of vapor at an object. The hot steam dislodges the dirt, grime, oil and grease without the use of chemicals, but can leave the object soaking wet. Dupray Steam Cleaners use a low-humidity blast (less than 5% water) for instantaneous drying while preventing mold formation. What's more, Dupray Steamers kill 99.9% of bacteria!

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