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Dual Action 6.5 inch XL Foam Pad Kit

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Item Description:

Dual Action 6.5 inch XL Foam Pad Kit

The Dual Action 6.5 inch XL Foam Pad Kit is loaded with Lake Country pads.

Perform defect removal, polishing, and wax application with this kit.

Pinnacle pad care products are included.

Quality pads and Pinnacle pad care products make the Dual Action 6.5 inch XL Foam Pad Kit an essential buy for any detailing enthusiast. This kit is designed for any dual action polisher with a 5/16 inch thread spindle, such as the Porter Cable 7424XP. The Dual Action 6.5 inch XL Foam Pad Kit is a money-saving way to stock up on foam pads.

The Dual Action 6.5 inch XL Foam Pad Kit includes:

Two CCS Yellow 6.5 Inch Cutting Foam Pads are made of dense foam with excellent leveling ability. Use these pads to apply compounds and heavy cut swirl removers. Yellow cutting pads should not be used on newer finishes.

Two CCS Orange 6.5 Inch Cutting Foam Pads are included for general swirl and defect removal. They are less aggressive than the yellow pads. Use the orange pads to apply swirl removers and polishes.

Two CCS White 6.5 Inch Polishing Foam Pads are designed to apply cleaner waxes, micro-fine polishes, and light swirl removers. The foam is less dense than a cutting pad but more dense than a finishing pad.

A CCS Gray 6.5 Inch Finishing Foam Pad will apply waxes and paint sealants flawlessly. The soft foam is firm enough to remove light buffer swirls during final finishing.

A CCS Blue 6.5 Inch Finessing Foam Pad is very soft and intended for the application of waxes, glazes, and paint sealants.

Two 6 inch Cobra Microfiber Bonnets are well-made, reversible, and machine washable. With a 70/30 blend, they are super soft and gentle on all paint finishes. Layer a bonnet over the lamb’s wool leveling pad for a more cushioned application.

The Lambswool Leveling Pad is best used as a cushion underneath a bonnet on your Porter Cable 7424XP. The wool pad serves as a barrier between the bonnet and the backing plate. Unlike foam pads that can be crushed under a bonnet, the lambswool pad retains its shape.

McKee's 37 Polishing Pad Cleaner contains a degreasing agent that breaks up oil and eliminates every last trace of residue in foam and wool pads. Spray used pads generously after each use and rinse well.

McKee's 37 Polishing Pad Conditioner softens  and lubricates a dry foam pad to prevent the haze that occurs when dry-buffing. Spray a fresh pad before every use to ensure swirl-free polishing.

Kit includes:
2 CCS 6.5 inch Yellow Cutting Foam Pads
2 CCS 6.5 inch Orange Light Cutting Foam Pads
2 CCS 6.5 inch White Flat Polishing Foam Pads
1 CCS 6.5 inch Gray Finishing Foam Pad
1 CCS 6.5 inch Blue Finessing Foam Pad
2 Cobra Microfiber Bonnets 6”
1 Lambswool Leveling Pad
16 oz. McKee's 37 Polishing Foam Pad Cleaner
12 oz. McKee's 37 Polishing Foam Pad Conditioner


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Dual Action 6.5 inch XL Foam Pad Kit