Dr. Beasleys Paint Hero - 12 oz.

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  • Dr. Beasleys Paint Hero - 12 oz.
  • Dr. Beasleys Paint Hero - 12 oz.
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Everyone needs a hero!

Dr. Beasley's Paint Hero is formulated to enhance your paint while preventing accidental marring caused by the drying process. While microfiber is soft and the ideal choice for a drying towel, soft paints are still susceptible to marring. Dr. Beasley's Paint Hero is, by definition, is a lubricating nanotechnology designed to provide an ultra-slick surface to sharply reduce towel friction. This additional layer of lubrication allows your towel to glide across the surface with the least resistance possible. Lubricants aren't the only component of this unique product. Dr. Beasley's Paint Hero is also formulated with a blend of SiO2 and TiO2. The additional ceramic technology infused into this formula helps reduce water spotting and dust build up while enhancing shine and color. When used in conjunction with a dedicated ceramic coating, Dr. Beasley's Paint Hero can increase the longevity and performance by preventing wear and maintaining durability.

What is a drying aid in detailing?

A drying aid is an additional product used in the drying process. Drying aids are normally a lubricant-based product that reduces the friction on the surface. Some softer paints or vehicles that have been repainted are very susceptible to light marring caused by the fibers of the towel. Drying aids, like Dr. Beasley's Paint Hero, will reduce this extra friction by adding the lubricants between your paint and the towel and help it glide gently along the surface.

Can you use a quick detailer as a drying aid?

Yes, a quick detailer can work as a drying aid. Quick detailers contain a mix of lubricants, cleaners, and gloss boosting agents to improve the appearance of the paint. Dr. Beasley's takes this a step further by creating a formula with SiO2 and TiO2. Dr. Beasley's Paint Hero is perfect for use on ceramic coatings and will increase the clarity and richness of the paint color.

Should you use a drying aid?

Yes! Regardless of the hardness of your paint a drying will still improve the process. The friction, while minor, will still cause premature wear to your paint protectant. Dr. Beasley's Paint Hero reduces this friction and incorporates SiO2 and TiO2 to maintain the durability and appearance of your paint or ceramic coating.

How to use Dr. Beasley's Paint Hero:

  1. Mist onto microfiber towel (folded into fourths) and gently wipe wet panel or small area.
  2. Flip towel to dry side (or use a new towel) and buff until the surface is dry.
  3. If towel becomes saturated, flip to a new side (or use a new towel) and continue to buff.

Dr. Beasley's Tips:

  • For best results, use an air blower first to dry off as much water as possible without touching the surface.
  • Always use a soft, high quality microfiber towel.

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