Dr. Beasley’s Film Coating Kit

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Item Description:

Protection for your PPF protection!

Ceramic coating for PPFs, wraps, vinyl, and other thermoplastics

Creates super-hydrophobicity

All inclusive kit

Dr. Beasley’s Film Coating Kit is a ceramic-based layer of protection for paint protection films (PPFs), vinyl wraps, and other thermoplastics. Just because those materials are designed to protect doesn’t mean they don’t also need protection! By creating a protective layer with self-healing preservatives and hydrophobic properties, Dr. Beasley’s Film Coating Kit ensures your vinyl, ppf, and other thermoplastic surfaces are protected for years to come!

Dr. Beasley’s Film Coating Kit features:

• Permanent – Dr. Beasley’s Film Coating Kit provides a permanent layer of protection that prevents fading, discoloration, and other degradation from UV rays, water, dirt, dust, mud, and other road grime. PPF is known for a certain yellowing after a few years, but Dr. Beasley’s Film Coating Kit was designed to make sure that doesn’t happen to you!

• Preserves Self-Healing Properties – Vinyl wraps and PPFs are known for their incredible self-healing properties (if you ever get micro-marring to an area, simply apply direct heat and watch the wrap bounce right back!), but this quality also degrades over time. Dr. Beasley’s Film Coating Kit features ingredients that help to preserve the self-healing and ensure your films stay looking perfect!

Directions for use:
• Fully clean the surface to be treated use a dedicated film cleaner. Do not apply in direct sunlight.
• Spray Dr. Beasley’s Film Coating Prep onto a film-wrapped panel and remove with a microfiber cloth. This process removes any residue and provide a clean surface for bondage.
• Start by applying Dr. Beasley’s Film Coating in vertical lines down the panel. Once the panel has been covered with vertical lines, repeat this process using horizontal lines. This pattern ensures full, even coverage.
• Once product starts to flash, wipe the panel using a clean and dry microfiber towel.
• Repeat process around all film-wrapped panels.
• After coating is completed, allow vehicle to remain undisturbed for up to one hour.

Dr. Beasley’s Film Coating Kit includes:
• 2 oz. Dr. Beasley’s Film Coating Prep
• 1 oz. Dr. Beasley’s Film Coating
• 1 qty. Foam Block Applicator
• 2 qty. Suede Microfiber Cloths

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