Tire and Wheel Car Guide - DP Detailing Products

Tire and Wheel Car Guide - DP Detailing Products

When you talk to just about any detailer, the conversation always steers towards paint care. The magic of paint restoration with the perpetual thrill of chasing the perfect shine is obviously easy to obsess over. Surprisingly, wheel care always seems to be left as a neglected topic. Yet, without it, youíll never really achieve a show car shine. The odd part of this is that wheel care is easily one of the most challenged aspects of vehicle care. Your wheels and tires are constantly under assault from the worst contamination. Each trip down the highways delivers a contamination cocktail of grease, tar, oils, and other byproduct of the traveling vehicles. This, along with the brake dust from your very own car can cause drastic issues for your wheels if neglected.

So, what are you to do? That is, aside from locking car away in a protective bubble and switching over to a pair of Skechers? You need to put a layer of protection on to shield you from wheel degradation - and DP Detailing Products has that solution! Letís show you how easy protecting your tires and wheels can be!

Obviously, we donít want to seal in any dirt or grime, so letís start with getting both surfaces clean with DP Dual Action Wheel & Tire Cleaner. Starting with the tire, generously spray DP Dual Action Wheel & Tire Cleaner across the face of the tire and allow the product to dwell for approximately 30 seconds. In this time, DP Dual Action Wheel & Tire Cleaner is working itself into the pores of the rubber. With some light agitation from a proper wheel brush you will easily remove any browning and contamination that will impede the bonding of the protectant. If you are working with an extremely dirty tire, or one that has been neglected, simply repeat the process. Finally, thoroughly rinse before moving on the next step

Now, letís clean the wheel. DP Dual Action Wheel & Tire Cleaner is safe for all wheel types and will show just as impressive results in this stage as it did in the first. Again, liberally spray the face of the wheel and allow the product to dwell for 30 seconds. Using a quality wheel brush, like the Speed Master Wheel Woolies, lightly agitate the surface and thoroughly rinse when finished.

After drying both the tire and wheel we can start layering some protection! Starting again with the tire, weíll reach for our DP Gloss Tire Gel and a Speed Master Tire Dressing Applicator. DP Gloss Tire Gel is a water-based tire dressing that provides superior levels of gloss and protection in a simple application. Apply a strip of DP Gloss Tire Gel down the Speed Master Tire Dressing Applicator and start working it across the face of the tire. The plush, textured surface of the Speed Master Tire Dressing Applicator will allow you to cover all the lettering, grooves, and knobs of the tire. If you are a person that prefers a more natural matte shine, buff the tire surface with a microfiber towel. And, if you prefer that dripping wet shine, DP Gloss Tire Gel can be layered to increase the gloss!

Lastly, and easily the most important, wheel protection. Here we are going to put a sturdy layer of DP Wheel Glaze. This resin-based protectant will provide some intensive hydrophobic properties and protect the wheels finish from dangerous contamination like brake dust. Using a foam wax applicator, spread an even layer of DP Wheel Glaze across the wheel and let haze. Follow up with a clean microfiber towel and buff away.

There are tons of options for tire and wheel protection on the market today, but DP proves that they donít need to be overly complex or overpriced to provide that protection. One thing that I personally love about these DP products, aside from the results, is the application. This simple and straight forward approach provides you with an impressive level of protection without the countless hours of tedious prep work. Now all thatís left is for you to do it!

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