DP Love Bug Removal

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The only kit you’ll want when it’s that time of the year!

Simple 3 step system

DP Insect Eliminator gently lifts insect remains from the surface

Honeycombed bug sponge scrubs away more contaminate areas without harming the surface

If you are a native of the southern states you know of (and dread!) love bug season. They swarm over the highways and you’re guaranteed a huge mess when you reach your destination. The DP Love Bug Removal Kit provides just 3 simple products that make the removal of those pesky insects easier than ever – and all without harming anything!

DP Love Bug Removal Kit includes:

16 oz. DP Detailing Products Insect Eliminator
DP Insect Eliminator gets rid bugs that find their way onto your car’s surfaces, as it works on both paint and glass. DP Insect Eliminator is fast acting so that you don’t have to look at bug guts for very long. DP Insect Eliminator is a concentrated formula, so a little goes a long way, saving you money! DP Insect Eliminator can also remove tree-sap and tar, without harming treated surfaces.

Bug Sponge
Remove bugs and tar easily with the honeycomb texture sponge soaked in soapy water for lubrication. The Bug Sponge should be in every detailing kit! The Bug Sponge can be used on glass, chrome, vinyl, fiberglass, paint and clearcoats—100% safe when used with soapy water.

Bug Remover Mesh Towel
Featuring a honeycombed surface perfect for the removal of surface contamination, the Bug Remover Mesh Towel is the perfect addition to any bug-removal kit. When used in conjunction with a dedicated bug removal product, like the DP Insect Eliminator, or even with just a regular car wash, the Bug Remover Mesh Towel safely removes insect remains with no fuss!

Kit Includes:

  • 16 oz. DP Detailing Products Insect Eliminator
  • Bug Sponge
  • Bug Remover Mesh Towel

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