DP GR4 Graphene Wash

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Make sure you wash your Graphene coating with the best!

With Graphene based protection quickly becoming the most popular, make sure you are maintaining that with the correct products. DP GR4 Graphene Wash is specially formulated to maintain and revitalize the appearance and protective abilities of graphene based surface coatings, such as the DP GR4 Graphene Coating. DP GR4 Graphene Wash uses graphene-ceramic resin ingredients to remove surface contamination that interferes with the hydrophobicity and durability of your graphene coating. This allows your coating to continue doing itís job without harm!

When it comes to coating maintenance products, you want something that will, well, maintain! You want something that will keep your coating performing itís best to ultimately avoid having to reapply too soon Ė and thatís exactly what the DP GR4 Graphene Wash was formulated to do! This unique formula removes surface contamination such as dirt, dust, road grime, and more without affecting the quality of your graphene coating.

One of the most stubborn stains is usually oil-based Ė fingerprints, smudges, etc., are all very difficult to remove as they are not water-soluble. However, DP GR4 Graphene Wash incorporates degreasing agents that make quick work removing such staining. Bird droppings, insect remains, oil splatter from the road can all be removed with DP GR4 Graphene Wash!

DP GR4 Graphene Wash has been formulated to work perfectly in both a foam gun, cannon, or lance, as well as in a bucket using a traditional method. This allows you to perfectly tailor your wash for whatever best fits your needs without affecting the quality of your wash!


Traditional Washing:

  • Fill a 5 gallon bucket with water and add 3 oz. of DP GR4 Graphene Wash (once bucket has been filled).
  • Use a strong jet of water to activate the suds.
  • Wash surfaces using a wash mitt.
  • Rinse completely and dry.

Foam Gun/Cannon/Lance Washing:

  • Fill foam cannon reservoir with water and add 2 oz. of DP GR4 Graphene Wash.
  • Gently shake solution to activate suds.
  • Spray surface of vehicle with suds and allow to dwell for approximately 30 seconds.
  • Agitate surface with mitt if needed.
  • Rinse completely and dry.

12 oz.

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