DP CR2 Ceramic Coating Complete Kit

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Prep, coat & maintain with all-inclusive kit

DP CR2 Ceramic Coating protects for up to 2 years

Save almost $30 by bundling!

Your paint wonít even know what hit it!

Now that youíve decided on the best, make sure you have the rest! The DP CR2 Ceramic Coating provides a whopping 2 years of protection, but proper application and preparation is a must. Thatís where the DP CR2 Ceramic Coating Complete Kit comes in handy. Chock full of every thing you need to first prep, then coat and wipe, and THEN maintain, the DP CR2 Ceramic Coating Complete Kit saves you the trouble of finding which products you need by bundling them all as well as saving you almost $30 in the process! Your paint (and your wallet!) will thank you for taking the plunge on Complete Kit!

This Kit Includes:

DP CR2 Ceramic Coating
DP CR2 Ceramic Coating is a 7h-hardness rated coating designed to provide protection to coated surfaces for up to 2 years. The slick finish created by DP CR2 Ceramic Coating stops contamination from sticking to your paint, preventing any potential damage caused by dirt, dust, road grime, industrial fallout, UV rays, and even tree sap and bird droppings. Extremely hydrophobic and featuring self-cleaning capabilities, DP CR2 Ceramic Coating not only provides a sleek, diamond-bright finish but also sheets from the surface for the easiest maintenance ever.

DP Coating Prep Spray
DP Coating Prep Spray preps your painted surfaces, glass and coated metal to ensure proper bonding of your paint, wheel or glass coatings. DP Coating Prep uses a special blend of solutions to quickly remove oils and other polishing debris. DP Coating Prep Spray lubricates the surface to prevent scratching and swirls. DP Coating Prep Spray, your coating will have a longer life span.

DP Ceramic Detail Spray
DP Ceramic Detail Spray is an SiO2-infused quick detailer designed to remove light surface contamination, impart a quick shine, and provides boosted support to your existing wax, coating, or paint sealant. Designed to be used with the DP Ceramic Coating collection, DP Ceramic Detail Spray uses a highly-lubricated formula to gently pull debris off of the surface without marring. The SiO2 protection left behind will leave water beading and sheeting from the surface, reducing the risk of water spots! When youíre looking for a quick boost to your already shining finish or donít have time to do a full detail, grab DP Ceramic Detail Spray and get that shine you love almost instantly!

Speed Master Coating Applicator
The Speed Master Coating Applicator is designed to fit perfectly in your hand and apply coatings to the surface of your vehicle without streaking or leaving unwanted build-up behind! This Speed Master Coating Applicator is soft and durable to give you a perfectly even coat every single time.

Speed Master Sublime Edgeless Coating Removal Towel
The Speed Master Coating Removal Towel is the light and agile edgeless towel made for removal of all types of coatings. This 350 GSM featherweight provides a snappy response even when working work more finicky or tacky coatings. The Speed Master Coating Removal Towel features a tight weave design to level coatings out to create a uniform shine free of high spots. The Speed Master Coating Removal Towel can attribute this effectiveness to its unique, densely woven fibers that give it a slightly uneven texture. This makes it perfect for removing coatings of all types. The soft, edgeless construction of the Speed Master Coating Removal Towel ensures that each wipe will leave your paint unharmed, regardless of how soft the paint may be. And the bright, sublime green color of this towel easily helps separate it from a crowded microfiber collection and avoids the risk of cross contamination.

This Kit Includes:

  • DP CR2 Ceramic Coating - 30 ml.
  • DP Coating Prep Spray - 16 oz.
  • DP Ceramic Detail Spray - 12 oz.
  • 2 Qty. Speed Master Coating Applicator
  • 6 Qty. Speed Master Sublime Edgeless Coating Removal - 16" X 16"
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