DP CR2 Ceramic Coating - 30 ml.

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Up to 2 years of protective capabilities

7h hardness rating

Extreme hydrophobicity

You should only coat with the best!

DP CR2 Ceramic Coating is a 7h-hardness rated coating designed to provide protection to coated surfaces for up to 2 years. The slick finish created by DP CR2 Ceramic Coating stops contamination from sticking to your paint, preventing any potential damage caused by dirt, dust, road grime, industrial fallout, UV rays, and even tree sap and bird droppings. Extremely hydrophobic and featuring self-cleaning capabilities, DP CR2 Ceramic Coating not only provides a sleek, diamond-bright finish but also sheets from the surface for the easiest maintenance ever.

DP CR2 Ceramic Coating is aptly named – well, maybe! It’s possible that the “2” references the length of protection that DP CR2 Ceramic Coating provides. Because yes, the protection period of this coating is 2 WHOLE YEARS. 2 years of protection against damaging environmental contaminants; 2 years of easy clean-up; 2 years of slick shining paint – all with just one DP CR2 Ceramic Coating application.

There’s a scale out there that measures the hardness of certain minerals – talc being the softest at 1 and diamonds being the hardest at 10. DP CR2 Ceramic Coating clocks in on the hardness scale at a whopping 7! This ceramic coating is quartz-based and quartz provides a 7h hardness rating – so just imagine what that is doing to protect your paint!

What’s the big deal about hydrophobicity? Well aside from the obvious aesthetic value (what’s more satisfying than seeing that water beading on a freshly detailed surface?), a hydrophobic surface will be easier to clean, is less likely to be damaged by surface contamination, and even has some self-cleaning properties! DP CR2 Ceramic Coating creates such a high surface tension on your coated surfaces that water (and the microscopic minerals in water) won’t be able to stick to the surface – they simply roll right off! This prevents any water spot etching from occurring and keeps the surface clear of contaminants.


  • Wash, dry, and correct surface if needed. If correction work is done, use DP Coating Prep Spray to remove any remaining polishing oils that will prevent proper bonding.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Apply several drops of product onto a microfiber applicator and apply to a 3 sq. ft. x 3 sq. ft. area using a back and forth, cross-hatch pattern. Allow for slight overlap for even coverage.
  • Allow the area to set for approximately 30 – 60 seconds before gently removing excess product with a clean microfiber towel.
  • Continue until completed.
  • A second coat can be applied after about an hour
  • Keep coated surfaces dry for 24-48 hours.

30 ml.

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