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Dodo Juice Supernatural Shampoo 250ml

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Item Description:

Supernatural Shampoo is a pure shampoo for the most discriminating car nut!

Supernatural Shampoo is PH-neutral and super concentrated at 1500:1!

A perfectly blended balance of lubricants, cleaning agents, and limscale inhibitors.

No added fragrances, colors, or bulking agents, just pure premium shampoo.

Dodo Juice Supernatural Shampoo is a highly concentrated, ultra cleaning auto wash without any colors or fragrances. What it does contain is cleaning agents, lubricants, and anti-static and sheeting agents. Everything is in proportion so you get a well-balanced, very effective car wash. Dodo Juice Supernatural Shampoo is the perfect start to a supernatural finish.

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Product Reviews

Dodo Juice Supernatural Shampoo 250ml
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Clermont, FL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

One of the best auto washes out there
April 17, 2012
I am constantly on a quest to find great auto washes that do what they need to do and do it well. This is one of the top auto washes in my book. No added scents, gloss enhancers or sudsing agents. this is just a very concentrated auto wash that does the job it needs to do. I use this on any vehicle that currently has a protective layer and just needs to be cleaned. Don't let the small size of the bottle confuse you either, two pumps in about 4 gallons of water leads to a very lubricative soap that does not sud as much. There may not be billows of suds, but trust me, the agents are there to leave a marr-free finish. I have gotten on average about 20 washes out of a bottle so even though its small, it lasts quite a while. If you are looking for a wash that cleans the paint without affecting the currency protective layer on your car, then this is it!
Just a wash. Thats it Highly concentrated Nice pump bottle High lubricity