Dodo Juice Low on EAU Rinseless Wash 250 ml.

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Ban the hosepipe! Bring on the rinseless revolution!

Ultra slick rinseless wash with gloss agents

Save water and increase shine

Highly concentrated formula

Eau is the French word for water. Dodo Juice Low On Eau is a highly lubricated non-foaming car wash, designed to clean lightly soiled surfaces with out the need for a final rinse. This product will clean your ride and impart a Dodo Juice shine while saving water over a traditional wash. Use Dodo Juice Low On Eau Rinseless Wash on slightly soiled vehicles.

When you first open your bottle of Dodo Juice Low On Eau Rinseless Wash the fresh pineapple scent will take you a journey to Mauritus, the home and industrial epicenter of Dodo Juice. Little men in orange lab coats scurry about hand crafting superior car care products. As your add Low On Eau to your wash bucket and experience this products performance you will be glad to be back to reality. Dodo Juice Low On Eau is a great performing rinseless wash.

Add 3 capfuls of Dodo Juice Low On Eau Rinseless Wash per gallon of water in your wash bucket. For best results use two buckets, each with a Grit Guard insert at the bottom. Rinse your wash sponge or mitt in the second bucket after each panel. Wash and dry one panel at a time, starting with the top sections of the vehicle and working downward until the entire vehicle is clean and shiny. For more protection and gloss, lightly mist each panel with Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical Protection Detailer during the final drying.

250 ml.

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