Dodo Juice Supernatural Micro Prime 250 ml.

Dodo Juice Supernatural Micro Prime 250 ml.Dodo Juice Supernatural Micro Prime contains millions of micro-fine abrasives that gently smooth away fine paint defects and leave even the most delicate paint finishes looking flawless. This ultra fine polish contains high grade glazes oils that will leave your paint looking like it has been soaked in gloss. It may even leave your jaw on the floor.

Dodo Juice Supernatural Micro Prime is the perfect preparatory step for Dodo Juice Supernatural Carnauba Wax, your favorite car wax, and most paint sealants. Apply by hand with a soft applicator to clean and prime your paint. Use it with a Dual Action Polisher and a foam polishing pad to smooth away fine swirl marks and create a mirror like finish. Either application with leave the paint looking wet.

250 ml.