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Dodo Juice Ferrous Dueller Iron Remover

500 ml.
Item#: DJ-FD500   

Item Description:

Don't just remove paint contamination, blast it away!

Color-changing formula safe for all paint and wheel finishes

Removes iron fallout above and below the surface

New formula reduces offensive odors

Dodo Juice Ferrous Dueller Iron Remover is aggressive on iron fallout and other harmful paint contaminants, while remaining safe for your nostrils. The light-green-colored spray changes color as it dissolves iron particles and leaves your paint clean. Dodo Juice Ferrous Dueller Iron Remover is blended with more active surfactants for improved cleaning power, particularly when used as a wheel cleaner.

Detailing clay and clay bar substitutes do a great job of removing any bonded paint contaminants above the surface, but cannot remove any harmful material that has penetrated below the surface. Dodo Juice Ferrous Dueller Iron Remover goes to work on all iron fallout, even dissolving any embedded particles which have penetrated into the paint. An expensive chemical-resistant Viton adjustable sprayhead ensures that you get consistent coverage each time your squeeze the trigger.

Use Dodo Juice Ferrous Dueller Iron Remover to deep clean your paint before or after claying. The addition of surfactants and chemical cleansers also make Ferrous Dueller ideal for cleaning neglected wheel surfaces where brake dust has baked onto the finish. Give your paint and wheels a proper clean with Dodo Juice Ferrous Dueller Iron Remover.

500 ml.
Made in the UK.

Photo courtesy of forum member 'Vega'


Use a Speed Master Wheel Brush to agitate the wheels.


Dodo Juice Ferrous Dueller Iron Remover actually changes color as it releases the grip of ferrous iron particles.


Dodo Juice Ferrous Dueller Iron Remover is a great wheel cleaner.


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Product Reviews

Dodo Juice Ferrous Dueller Iron Remover
5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
Shrewsbury, MA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Works great
July 30, 2017
This stuff works excellent. Used on painted aluminum, and chrome steel, wheels. Spray on and agitate with a brush and spray off. Makes the next step of polishing and sealing that much easier.
Spray on wait for the red bleed and spray with hose. For very dirty wheels, agitate with a brush then wash off. Will buy again.
Sprayer not great. A little expensive, but saves a bunch of time... So not really a con!

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Does what is supposed to do
June 12, 2015
Works as well as IronX at a slightly cheaper price. Smells just as bad.
it works
That horrible smell (normal)

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

My go-to fallout remover
October 13, 2014
This stuff is great. Not only can you use it on wheels, but it is safe for paint as well. Attacks fallout and iron particles pretty quickly leaving behind a smooth, clean surface. Also doesn't really smell too bad. Still, you should use it outside in a well ventilated area.
Quick reaction time Paint & wheel safe Bearable smell Little bit goes a long way
Sprayer comes apart sometimes. Maybe the chemicals eats at the plastic over time?