DODO Juice Fozzie Hair Wash Mitt

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Perfect medium between tight synthetic and deep pile natural mitts

Made from Imported fibers from Mauritius

Lightweight when fully saturated

Low maintenance alternative to natural wash media

The Fozzie Hair Wash Mitt is the perfect synthetic alternative to thick, natural hair wash mitts. Featuring a deep pile, the Fozzie Hair Wash Mitt is made from imported fibers form Mauritius. These deep, synthetic fibers are perfect for collecting dirt and tucking it deeply away for a safe wash, every time!

No more brushing or combing what looks more like a wet Pomeranian than a wash mitt. The Fozzie Hair Wash Mitt is a low maintenance wash mitt that can be cleaned right along with your microfiber! Additionally, the lightweight fibers won’t turn the Fozzie Hair Wash Mitt into an anchor when saturated! The Fozzie Hair Wash Mitt is an innovative new approach on how we use wash media, perfect for the person stuck in between natural and synthetic options!

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