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Dodo Juice Supernatural Carnauba Glaze 500 ml.

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Item Description:

Carnauba in a bottle. For extra gloss and protection

Made with the finest T1 grade Brazilian carnauba wax

Silicone free for long lasting protection and gloss

Can be used as a topper or as a stand alone protectant

Dodo Juice Supernatural Carnauba Glaze creates deep gloss on your paint in seconds. This spray on wax is a silicone-free carnauba emulsion, made with a generous amount of the finest T1 grade Brazilian carnauba wax. This is the same quality wax found in Supernatural Carnauba Wax Paste! It can be used for extra gloss or protection on top of existing wax or sealant layers, or used as a paint protectant in its own right.

Like all Supernatural products, Supernatural Carnauba Glaze does not contain cheap silicons, perfumes, or fillers. This high-grade spray wax is easy to apply. Spray Supernatural Carnauba Glaze onto a cool, clean panel. Spread with a soft microfiber cloth like the Supreme 530, then buff the panel to a high shine. Should secondary hazing occur, repeat the buffing process.

Note: Dodo Juice Supernatural Carnauba Glaze features a high content of high-quality, pure T1 grade Brazilian Carnauba. To prevent clogging of the spray head by the carnauba solids, invert bottle after use and spray until “dry”.

500 ml.

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Product Reviews

Dodo Juice Supernatural Carnauba Glaze 500 ml.
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Steve P.
Cleveland, Ohio
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Dodo Juice Carnauba glaze
July 10, 2014
This stuff rivals any other maker of glaze! I looked at car and found very few water spots after the rain. I use a car water filter to clean but use 1 bucket daily to spot clean dust off before reglazing. I am very satisfied with this product.
Very few water spots after using glaze.
Pricey and not found at local stores like Walmart or Target.