Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Hard Car Wax - 30 ml

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Test drive the hard wax for dark colored vehicles!

Blend of high concentration pure carnauba, dark beeswax, and montan wax.

Creates a deep, liquid shimmer perfect for black, blue, and dark green paints.

Hard wax that applies and removes with ease.


Looking for that silky smooth finish?

made with montan wax for the maximum effect on dark colored paints, with an emphasis on blacks, shades of blue, as well as metallics and pearlescent paints. Because of unique wax base in Dodo Juice Blue Velvet, it will darken the appearance of you paint slightly creating a dark, deep luster that youíll be hard pressed to find with other waxes. You can expect a 2-4% darker appearance, and if you donít believe us, you should try it on a white panel! Addionally, the blend of Dodo Juice Blue Velvet can cover up light and minor defects in the paint to give you a satisfying finish to the easy application.

30 ml.

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