Diamondite Triple Threat Glass Care Bundle

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Item Description:

Your glass surfaces won’t know what hit them!

Easily removes glass-surface contamination

A glass cleaner for every situation

Featuring Speed Master Premium Glass Towels

Diamondite Triple Threat Glass Care Bundle includes all three of Diamondite's leading glass cleaners so you are prepare for every glass-cleaning situation there could be! Perfect to boost a professional's detailing kit or just as a complete prep kit for the detailing enthusiast, the Diamondite Triple Threat Glass Care Bundle includes an aerosol for quick cleaning, a cleaner & repellent to prevent water from sticking, and a gel formula ideal for vertical surfaces that need more attention. Diamondite Triple Threat Glass Care Bundle is, quite literally, a triple threat!

This Kit Includes:

Diamondite Glass Cleaner Aerosol
Diamondite Glass Cleaner Aerosol may just be the easiest way to clean your glass – a spray-and-wipe application style and a streak-free finish every time is all you can ask for in a high quality glass cleaner and Diamondite Glass Cleaner Aerosol certainly delivers! The foaming formula clings to glass surfaces allowing you time to grab your glass towel without rush and gently wipe away surface contamination. Diamondite Glass Cleaner Aerosol removes common contaminants such as smudges, oil marks, fingerprints, dust, dirt, pollen, and more!

Diamondite Glass Cleaner Gel
Diamondite Glass Cleaner Gel is a thicker-than-average glass cleaning formula designed to cling to glass surfaces without running off, thus proving a longer working time and a lower risk of overspray. Perfect for use as an every day glass cleaner, Diamondite Glass Cleaner Gel removes fresh water spots, dust, dirt, pollen, fresh insect remains, and other environmental surface contamination from glass surfaces. Alcohol-free and safe for use on tinted windows, Diamondite Glass Cleaner Gel wipes away streak-free and with a very clear finish.

Diamondite Glass Cleaner & Repellent
Diamondite Glass Cleaner & Repellent is a two-in-one formula designed to remove common glass contamination while also providing a hydrophobic layer of protection that stops further contamination from sticking. Long story short? It cleans and then repels (hence the name!). This easy-to-use, spray-on wipe-away application ensures you spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying that crystal-clear shine!

6 qty. Speed Master Premium Glass Towel
The Speed Master Premium Glass Towel is the solution to many issues that are a common occurrence when it comes to glass care. Streaks, nothing ruins the appearance of glass more than streaks covering your once transparent glass. Speed Master approached this issue with a diamond flat-weave design. This design reduces the amount of drag created and reduces the chance of any streaking. This also translates to less drag. The Speed Master Premium Glass Towels tight, flat-weave reduces the amount of friction created and will reduce the amount of wear on the towel itself.

This Kit Includes:

  • Diamondite Glass Cleaner Aerosol - 19 oz.
  • Diamondite Glass Cleaner Gel - 20 oz.
  • Diamondite Glass Cleaner & Repellent - 20 oz.
  • 6 qty. Speed Master Premium Glass Towel

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