McKee's 37 Car Care Kits

McKee's 37 Car Care KitsCar care kits offer great savings over purchasing products la carte. Take advantage of kit savings on McKee's 37 Car Care Products.

McKee's 37 was designed based on the concerns and recommendations of professional detailers and enthusiasts. We didnít just follow a long-standing recipe to make these products. We did our homework! The result is a line of practical products for the everyday user that deliver fantastic results.

With all the choices in the McKee's 37 line, it can be difficult to narrow the field. Thatís why these kits are such a great option! Decide what part of the vehicle you want to tackle - the exterior, the interior, etc Ė and then pick a kit based on what you want to achieve. The products in each box will work together beautifully to reach your desired goal. Take the guesswork out of detailing and save money!