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Detailers Helper Detailing Belt

Detailers Helper Detailing Belt The Detailerís Helper Detailing Tool Belt was developed by professional detailer Kevin Davis to help simplify the detailing process. Disenchanted by the detailing tool belts available on the market, Kevin decided to develop his own design and the Detailerís Helper Detailing Tool Belt was born. The tool belt features four pockets of varying sizes so that you can keep your favorite polishes, pads, tools, and even your cell phone close at hand, and you wonít find any stiff nylon, plastics, or metal components that could damage the paint youíve been working to correct.

Whether youíre a professional detailer or a weekend warrior, thereís no doubt youíve experienced the annoying sensation that occurs when you have the right tool, put it down, walk away , and forget where you put it! The Detailerís Helper Detailing Tool Belt helps eliminate that problem by keeping your most frequently used products within armís reach. The Detailerís Helper Detailing Tool Belt is capable of shaving 30 minutes or more off of each detail, and everybody knows that time is money!
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