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Dr.Beasley's Free Bonus

For a limited time get a 12 oz. Dr. Beasley's Ceramic Body Wash FREE with purchase of a Dr. Beasley's Nano-Resin MX Kit!
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Get professional grade results!

The Dr. Beasley's Nano-Resin MX Kit is the professional coating built for everyone! Create unparalleled levels of gloss and protection in a single application. The Dr. Beasley's Nano-Resin MX Kit utilizes the same chemical technology behind Nano-Resin Pro to fortify your paint from whatever the world throws at it. The Dr. Beasley's Nano-Resin MX Kit provides improved resistance to micro-scratching along with its candy-like gloss. And you won't have to worry about that gloss going anywhere, the Dr. Beasley's Nano-Resin MX Kit provides up to 7 years worth of protection. Yes, you read that right – up to 7 years!

DURABLE! Stop worrying about the next coat and put on the last coat!
The Dr. Beasley's Nano-Resin MX Kit may very well be the last protectant you put on your vehicle. With an average lifespan of 5 years, with proper maintenance you can get up to 7 years! And let's be honest, you'll probably upgrade by then. Stop worrying about what you'll coat your car with next season and upgrade to professional level protection!

HYDROPHOBIC! High surface tension sheds off water and dirt with ease!
When you have protection power like the Dr. Beasley's Nano-Resin MX Kit, you know you'll see incredible hydrophobic properties as well! The Dr. Beasley's Nano-Resin MX Kit creates a surface tension level so high; nothing sticks. Water, dirt, and other contamination simply rolls right off the surface!

ULTRA-DEEP SHINE! Enhances finish to amplify gloss to jaw-dropping levels!
It wouldn't carry the Dr. Beasley's name if it didn't provide you with gloss. The Dr. Beasley's Nano-Resin MX Kit leaves a brilliant, long-lasting gloss with a candy-like finish. If you are looking for a radiant, jaw-dropping level of gloss, look no further than the Dr. Beasley's Nano-Resin MX Kit!


  • Before applying Nano-Resin MX, paint must be prepped. Clay and polish your paint with a light compound and a random orbital machine buffer. If your paint is heavily scratched, paintwork correction may be required.
  • Remove any residual matter from polishing using a panel wipe
  • Spray Paint Coating Builder onto a panel or small area. Wrapping the suede cloth around the foam block applicator, spread the Paint Coating Builder in vertical overlapping lines down the panel, followed by horizontal overlapping lines.
  • Let sit 2-3 minutes, then remove with a microfiber towel. Repeat steps 3-4 until all desired paint surfaces are coated.
  • Wrap a new suede cloth around the foam block applicator and use the included pipette to apply a line of Nano-Resin MX down the center of the cloth.
  • Start by applying Nano-Resin MX in vertical lines down the panel. After you've covered your panel with vertical lines, go back and repeat with horizontal lines. This crosshatching will ensure full coverage. Avoid getting the product in panel gaps.
  • Let the product sit on the surface for 30 seconds to a minute. Wipe panel with a clean, dry, microfiber towel.
  • Repeat steps 5-6 on each panel until your entire vehicle is protected. Reapply several drops of Nano-Resin MX to your applicator every few panels or as needed.
  • Allow coating to cure undisturbed for one hour. After, if product is left over, re-apply to high impact areas.
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