CARPRO TriX Tar and Iron Remover - 1 Liter

Item Description:

The ultimate one step paint cleaner!

Combination of iron remover and powerful cleaning agents.

Removes bug splatter, tar, and greasy residue.

Deep cleans for the ultimate in clean paint.

CARPRO TriX is a combination of CARPRO Tar-X and Iron-X, hence the name. This spray on and rinse away product fuses the powerful iron removal ability of Iron-X with the citrus cleaning ability of Tar-X. The result is an all-in-one cleaning chemical that removes almost all of the harmful impurities found on paint in one easy step, eliminating the need for multiple cleaning agents. CARPRO TriX is pH neutral

CARPRO TriX removes iron particles, bugs and other road grime from your vehicle's finish
TriX turns purple as it interacts with ferrous iron particles. TriX can also be used to remove bugs and tar.
CARPRO TriX is a powerful iron remover. Metal shavings in the air attach to the paint and begin to oxidize, burrowing into the surface of the clear coat. Not even detailing clay can remove the below surface contamination. CARPRO TriX works by dissolving the iron fall out and removing it, even below the paint's surface.

CARPRO TriX is also a powerful bug and tar remover. Special chemicals remove tar and naphtha base components quickly and efficiently, leaving the paint spotless and ready for the follow up detailing steps.

Use CARPRO TriX to remove damaging iron components, bug splatter, and tar. This makes CARPRO TriX the ultimate step prior to waxing/sealing or polishing. CARPRO TriX is the ultimate solution for wheels that have baked on brake dust and tar deposits as well. To use CARPRO TRIX, shake very well before use, then spray on the surface and allow the product to react for no more than five minutes. Rinse off or wipe with a soft sponge or microfiber towel.

Directions for use:
• Shake well before use.
• Spray on the surface and allow the product to react for no more than five minutes.
• Rinse off or wipe with a soft sponge or microfiber towel.

1 Liter.

ORMD WARNING - Federal regulations prohibit this product by shipping via air. This item is shipped by GROUND service only. NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPMENT OUTSIDE MAINLAND USA.
VOC WARNING - Due to VOC restrictions this product cannot be shipped to the state of California.

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Product Reviews

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12 Reviews
58% (7)
25% (3)
8% (1)
8% (1)
0% (0)
83% Recommend this product (10 of 12 responses)
By Javier
March 18, 2020
Good cleaner ! Good idea, we have more than iron particles in the paint
  • Works decently
  • Carpro products are expensive, detailer won't profit : (
By Yogi
Washington, DC
complicated to use
February 12, 2020
I was excited to give this a try because it was two in one. Thinking I could skip a step, but it was a let down. You have to agitate this product to really work. It doesn't work like a fallout that you spray and wash away.
By Chris
Awesome product
September 6, 2018
Love TRIX. Great for removing brake dust\build up off of wheels and other contaminants on a car's paint. Does what it says it will do. Requires minimal work (if any) to get a nice clean finish.
  • Does what it says it will do
  • CarPro normally has some decent smelling products....this one isn't too's a cleaner not meant for the inside of a car, so it's more or less just a personal preference.
By Paul
Watertown, Wi
odorous but works well
October 4, 2016
Yes this smells but it works wonders on ferrous metal dust stuck to paint and rims but also will help remove the tar at same time from the same places
By Dan
Cleveland, OH
May 7, 2015
So far so good. I thought it would come with a sprayer but, other than that seems to work well. You need to scrub a little on tar marks.
  • Works great on rims.
  • No sprayer
By Bill
Worcester MA
NE Road Salt
April 30, 2015
Product was helpful to remove the NE liquid road salt. Does not work as easy as stated. Does not remove all of the yellow from a white truck.
  • Easy to apply and does remove road debris.
  • Does not remove yellow spots caused by liquid road salt.
  • Has a mild odor.
By bmcbam
Idaho Falls, Idaho
NO Trix here!!!
February 24, 2015
I have now used this product for several years. I live in Idaho so it's horrible weather with lots ice, sand, salts that cover the roads. Been using this product since I bought my white truck brand new. Throughout the winter the chemicals on the road create orange rust spots and tar on the paint and not to mention all the chrome. Trix eats it away leaving the truck looking brand new every year. Thanks a bunch guys!
  • cleans rust spots, tar, bugs you name it!
  • The smell is a little tough but we'll worth the trade off.
By Rachel
Indianapolis, IN
Tar and iron removal in one product!
October 13, 2014
This stuff stinks, but it does it's job very well. I use it on wheels and rocker panels, as it does some 2 in 1 action - iron and tar removal. Works great, and did I mention that it smells? It's well worth it though. Just make sure to keep shaking the bottle while spraying, and you'll be done in no time!
  • Two products in one.
  • No sprayer for 1L version.
  • The smell. Oh goodness, the smell.
By Shane
Canton, MI
Great stuff works as advertised
September 6, 2014
This stuff just plain works and works well. Only issues ive had with it have been the sprayer leaking. I can hardly shake it anymore without losing product. Really cool to use on dirty wheels and they look like they are bleeding.

Also have to add in... the smell is horrid.
  • works great
  • sprayer leaks
  • the smell, oh man the smell...
By Tacket
Powerful Cleaner
September 6, 2014
This works just as advertised. Removed iron as far as I can tell just as well as Iron X with the added benefit of including a tar remover. The product does have to shaken pretty often (they suggest after every spray, but I seemed to be able to do half a wheel before needing another shake). If they could figure out the smell, then this would get 5+ stars in my book.
  • - Awesome 2 in 1 product that doesn't sacrifice
  • - Seems to work just as good as Iron X
  • - Smell is just awful
  • - Has to be constantly shaken
By Danny
Bloomfield, NJ
Great Product
August 20, 2013
This product is excellent for removing Iron and Tar from wheels, wheel wells, and paint. It removes contaminants from the paint which makes the claying process a breeze. Smells bad and needs to be shaken often, but an amazing prodcut.
  • Removed contaminants.
  • Saves your clay bar.
  • Smell, Shaken often.
By Joe C.
Detailers workshop
April 4, 2013
As a detailer for many years I can say that very few products stick around on my shelf (Mostly due to being beat out or just simply don't cut it) This stuff since it's release has been a god send. It cleans wheels flawlessly and removes all metallic an tar sediments with ease. This is my go to ALWAYS for prepping a car before polishing.
  • Effectiveness
  • Work time
  • Ease of use
  • Cost
  • Smell