CARPRO IronX Lemon Scent - 1 Liter

Item Description:

New lemon scent is less offensive to those with sensitive noses. IronX fans fear not - IronX Lemon Scent is still the same powerful iron remover you've come to know and love!

IronX is the perfect product to remove stubborn brake dust! After a few minutes of dwell time you will see the chemical reaction of IronX breaking down and removing unwanted ferrous contamination.

Airborne chemical compounds and ferrous (iron-containing) particles penetrate auto paint and create corrosive compounds that eat into the paint's sublayers. Detailing clay removes the particles but it doesn't remove their effects - corrosion may already be creeping under the paint's surface.

The only way to truly remove these damaging particles is with a dedicated iron remover like IronX. IronX opens up the paint's pores to flush out iron particles and to neutralize the caustic compounds that have developed as a result of the particle. In one step, you can eliminate the cause and its effects.  

IronX is completely safe and and effective on both automotive paint and safely cleans clear coats. IronX is also highly recommended for all clear coated alloy wheels. Brake dust and road grime become baked onto wheels over time. Brake dust contains high levels of iron and can quickly pit clear coated wheels.  When you use a product like IronX, you’re able to stop the corrosion in its tracks. 

Manufacture’s Note: IronX should not be used on bare metal parts, brake calipers, wheel balancing weights, or SMART paint repairs. Mask off these areas. Avoid letting IronX dry on any surface.

IronX is easy to use and you can see it working! IronX is a clear solution in the bottle but it turns purple when it comes into contact with sintered iron particles. IronX turns the iron into a water soluble complex for easy removal. After five minutes of dwell time, wipe down the surface and rinse thoroughly. After using IronX, you can polish and clay your vehicle as you normally would. After your car is prepped properly, it has a perfect surface to be coated with CQuartz Paint Coating.

Proper vehicle care with IronX means taking care of your investment above and below the paint's surface. IronX Iron Remover removes iron particles and their effects to keep the paint clean and healthy. 

  1. Wash the car or wheels surfaces, make sure surface is in cool temp.
  2. Shake well, spray on the surface. Rub it in with damp sponge thoroughly.
  3. Wait 5 min. while contaminants change its color to purple/red. Wipe off with damp soft sponge. Don’t let the IronX dry completely on surface!
  4. Rinse well or power wash the whole surface. The vehicle is ready to clay now.

ORMD Warning - Federal regulations prohibit this product by shipping via air. This item is shipped by GROUND service only.

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Product Reviews

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17 Reviews
88% (15)
12% (2)
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100% Recommend this product (17 of 17 responses)
By Michael
Easiest Decontamination Product on the Planet
January 27, 2021
Just spray on a dry surface, wait, and rinse! Doesn't get any easier than that! And the shocking part? It actually works - unbelievable how easy AND effective this product is!
By Robert
Cherry Hill, NJ
Works as advertised.
July 25, 2020
My go to product to decontamination..
Vernon Hills, IL
Works great
June 10, 2020
This product smells quite bad, but work awesome.
By Javier
You pay for what you get!
August 26, 2019
IronX is a class leading product with no equal that I am aware of. It dissolves iron and attempts to cover-up any foul smells with a lemon or cherrry scent. I actually like the way the cherry flavor smells. I will keep buyinh this into the future.
  • Works
  • ;)
By Rodd
Acworth, GA
Works great...less stinky!
May 27, 2019
Works just as good as regular IronX but with a slightly better smell...still doesn't smell great, but tolerable!
  • Dissolves iron particles well
  • Smells better than most fallout removers
  • Still a bit unpleasant odor
By Jennifer
Mentor OH
Amazing Decontamination
April 25, 2019
I have been using Iron X after the first winter of driving my white Acura TL 3 years ago...when I noticed all those unsightly orange flecks of contamination seemingly-embedded in the vehicle's paint. After some research online, I came upon this product, immediately purchased and used - and am a loyal consumer for life! Iron X does an outstanding job of pulling out visible and even invisible contaminants from your car's finish. After application and dwell-time, I sponge the surface and let the product continue to leech out contaminants until I see now more purple. My car ends up squeaky clean. Definitely only use this if you intend to wax/protect your car afterwards. When I was after Iron X'ing, i notice a less-dirty applicator and buffing towel (I use Mother's wax/cleaner). This is a must-have product for anyone who drives in yuck-making snowy / salty weather zones.
By Leif
Kailua, HI
April 6, 2019
Great product for iron removal from painted surfaces and wheels
  • Super effective
  • Strong smell
By Zack
Very Effective
January 26, 2019
I have messed around with about half a dozen other fallout removers in hopes of finding something cheaper that performs the same, but nothing out performs Iron-X. The smell is horrendous as it is with all fallout removers, but It's worth it to fork over a little extra for Iron-X. I always try to grab some when Autopia has a sale going on.
  • Great results when others have failed
  • Smell
  • Price
By Garrick
Plain City, OH
Works great
December 31, 2018
Works well on the body and wheels. Removed embedded contaminates Sonex wheel cleaner could not.
  • Properly cleaning wheels can use a lot of product. Can also be hard on concrete sealer.
  • Yes, it stinks.
By Kevin
Troy, Ohio
Great Iron Remover
November 15, 2018
What can I say, this does what it is supposed to. It smells yes, but it works great on the chemical Decon step for wheels or paint equally well, and rinses away well.

Iron-X is one of the originals, and CarPro does it right. Seems that I use less of the Iron-X than other Iron removers to achieve the same results.
By Bryan
Flower mound, TX
Works great
September 5, 2018
Still stinks just a little lemon smell too. Works great
  • Works as advertised
  • Stinks
By Charles
Canton, OH
One of the Best
September 28, 2016
At my detail shop ive tried just about every fallout remover on the market. Iron X is top notch. The small is not so bad, some are worse, but it doesnt bother me. This really puts in work on heavily contaminated areas, wheels, paint, whatever. Excellent presoak for coated vehicles as it easily releases any bonded contaminants.
By Michael
Lawndale, CA
Best iron remover
January 27, 2016
This has been the best iron remover that I have used. It's basically the industry standard in my opinion. It simply gets the job done.
By Ken
Niagara Falls, NY
Works, great with Tar X
November 24, 2015
This product delivers exactly what you expect- iron stands no chance. The one downside is the cost, usage on a car can drain a few hundred mL, depending on the level of contamination.
By Mark
Salem, UT
Solid Product that does the Job
August 23, 2015
This product does exactly what you'd expect and the lemon scent is an improvement over the reguar IronX
  • Removes rust
  • Safe on wheels
  • It's a bit pricey. There are other products coming to the market that may potentially be a better value
By justin
Cleveland Heights, OH
So far, the best there is.
February 12, 2015
IronX is a class leading product with no equal that I am aware of. It dissolves iron and attempts to cover-up any foul smells with a lemon or cherrry scent. I actually like the way the cherry flavor smells. I will keep buyinh this into the future.
  • It works as advertised
By Bob
Shoreview, Minnesota
The industry standard
September 7, 2014
I've tried a lot of these products. When I try them, they are always compared directly to iron-x and nothing can compete. This does smell better than the cherry version, but still a bit harsh. It smell much better when sprayed than when sniffed right from the bottle.
  • best iron targeting cleaner
  • odor