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Covercraft Car Covers

Covercraft offers a wide selection of fabrics, to allow you to select the one that will meet your vehicle's protection needs and budget. Different fabrics offer different levels of protection performance, and some focus on protecting from a specific element, like intense sun exposure or dust. Our range of fabrics is based on experience in manufacturing covers since 1965. Use the chart below to help identify which fabric is best suited for the protection needs you require. We've tried to be as realistic as possible in showing how the fabrics perform in certain conditions, but keep in mind that our opinion is based on performance comparisons with other fabrics currently used for vehicle covers.

All Covercraft fabrics are "breathable" to allow good air circulation under the cover. That's important because it assures that any moisture or condensation under the cover can easily evaporate, and it also reduces heat build-up on hot days. Remember, rain water (not acid rain) won't hurt a vehicle's finish; it's UV rays and pollutants in the air that cause the most damage to the exterior and interior finish.

Using the chart, you'll find good, basic protection is provided by the Multibond® / Block-it® 200 Series fabric, while NOAH® and WeatherShield® are more expensive and provide excellent all-weather protection. For paint protection from dust and dirt during indoor storage, consider tan flannel or Dustop®. If a cover is being used in an extreme sun environment, Sunbrella® or our new WeatherShield® HD may be the best cover to use. It all depends on the protection level you want to achieve, and the amount of money you want to budget, to protect your investment. In the long run, the cost of the cover is minimal compared to the replacement cost of what you are protecting. Remember, a cover not only protects BOTH the inside and outside of a vehicle, it also acts as a theft-deterrent by keeping the vehicle out of view to potential thieves.

Why a custom fit cover?

Universal and semi-custom covers had been around quite a while before Covercraft identified the market potential, and began catering to enthusiasts who wanted a more "perfect fit" for the cover being used to protect their pride and joy. Back in the 60's (in the last millennium), the most popular covers we made were for British and European sports cars and they were called "mittens". Today, custom covers are made for everything from kit cars to motorhomes.

While outdoor fabric covers can be used indoors as well, their primary function is to provide protection from the elements when the vehicle is parked outdoors - UV, bird droppings, tree sap, etc. Different fabrics provide different degrees of protection. Use our fabric guide charts to select the fabric that is best suited to your needs.

We have over 80,000 listings in our computerized pattern library and add new patterns every week.

Custom Patterned Indoor Covers

From street rods to exotics... Indoor covers are designed to protect vehicles that aren't "daily drivers" - the kind of car that gets cleaned and pampered before it's tucked away. Some of our indoor fabrics provide some ding and dent protection, some are dust barriers, and others are so soft you'll be envious of how the paint and chrome surfaces are being pampered!

We have over 67,000 listings in our computerized pattern library and add new patterns every week. Your dealer or retailer can check our database and if the pattern is not currently listed, or if the pattern is special, we'll provide a dimension sheet which is easy to complete (our most popular dimension sheets can be downloaded from this web-site). The measurements you provide will be input in a CAD system that creates the custom pattern for your application. We can accommodate hood scoops, roll bars, grille guards, winches, you name it, we'll custom make the pattern to fit any vehicle. Remember, if it has wheels, Covercraft can cover it!

Car Cover Fabric Details


The BLOCK-IT 200 is a lightweight, mid-priced car cover with a good balance of water resistance, breathability, UV resistance, and dust protection. This cover is best for everyday outdoor use in temperate climates. Ready Fit or Custom cover available.


The Polycotton cover is a great indoor cover or occasional outdoor cover. It is not as weather resistant as WeatherShield or BLOCK-IT fabrics, but it does provide basic dust and water protection. The Polycotton is a lightweight cover, well suited for everyday drivers. Custom covers available.


The Covercraft Block-It 380 car cover.The Block-It 380 can be used indoors or outdoors. It’s lighter than the heavy duty Block-It 400 while still providing excellent protection in outdoor conditions. For garage or carport storage, the Block-It 380 has an inner dust barrier to keep paint-fouling contaminants away from your vehicle’s finish, even over lengthy periods of storage. For outdoor storage, the outermost layer resists moisture but is breathable to allow heat to escape. Ready Fit or Custom cover available.


The BLOCK-IT 400 Evolution fabric is a durable outdoor cover. This fabric offers an excellent balance of UV resistance, weatherproofing, waterproofing, and dust protection. This is the best value for an outdoor car cover. It’s not as lightweight as NOAH, but an experienced car cover user can manage it daily. Ready Fit or Custom cover available.


Covercraft Noah custom car cover.As its name implies, NOAH fabric is the most water resistant of all of CoverCraft fabrics. It is a great outdoor cover, particularly in areas prone to wet weather. The Noah is not as lightweight and manageable as the WeatherShield, but it can still be easily handled by most people. Use it for occasional or long-term, outdoor or indoor storage. Custom covers available.


This is CoverCraft’s finest indoor-only cover. It provides superior dust protection without all the extra features you don’t need. The inside layer is the softest of any of CoverCraft’s fabrics. Use the DUSTOP cover to protect antique or collectible vehicles, or any vehicle that is strictly garage-kept. Custom covers available.

Tan Flannel

Covercraft Tan Flannel indoor car cover.The flannel cover is intended for indoor use or occasional outdoor use. The napped underside pampers delicate paint finishes and the strong, polycotton fibers provide good dust protection. This is a heavier fabric so it may be best suited for long-term storage. If you want a lighter indoor cover, check out the Polycotton cover. Custom covers available.


WeatherShield HP

This cover is great for every day, outdoor use. It is not as heavy as the other outdoor fabrics, but it still provides superior water, weather, and UV resistance. It can be easily removed and folded every day by virtually anyone. Even if you need a cover primarily for indoor use and only occasional outdoor use, the Weathershield HP is your best choice. It will keep dust out no matter where you park. Custom covers available.

WeatherShield HD

If you are storing your vehicle outdoors for extended periods, WeatherShield HD is the best choice. It is superior to all other fabrics for intense sun climates (like Florida) and coastal areas. Use the WeatherShield HD in dry, dusty climates or rainy ones. It’s the best all-around outdoor protection offered by Covercraft. The WeatherShield HD is a significantly heavier fabric than the regular WeatherShield. Custom covers available.


This cover is designed specifically for intense sun environments, like Arizona, Florida, or other Sunbelt states. The lightweight Sunbrella fabric is ideal for everyday use and for long-term outdoor storage. Custom covers available.

Form FitCovercraft Form Fit custom car cover.

The FormFit cover is for people who want to wrap their vehicle in the ultimate body-hugging garment. This cover is intended for indoor use only. Pamper your treasured car in the luxurious softness of a fleece-like inner layer. Collectors and enthusiasts will love this cover. Custom covers available.



Covercraft WeatherShield HP custom car cover.The Ultra’tect car covers provide great outdoor protection and they’re easy to handle every day. If you park outdoors every day or on the street, the Ultra’tect will keep your vehicle clean and dry while providing excellent UV protection. The superior shape retention and fade resistance will keep your Ultra’tect cover looking good over the long run. Custom covers available.


Suggested Use Water Air Protection Ease Of
Car Covers Outdoor Indoor Resistent Flow UV Dust Handling Warranty
Block It 200* Good Better Good Best Good Good Good 2 yrs.
Polycotton Fair Better Good Best Fair Good Good 90 days
Block It 380* Good Good Good Best Good Good Good 4 yrs.
Block It 400* Better Good Better Best Best Good Good 4 yrs.
Noah Best Good Best Best Best Good Good 4 yrs.
Dustop Fair Best Fair Better Good Best Better 4 yrs.
Tan Flannel Fair Good Fair Better Good Good Fair 90 days
WeatherShield Better Better Best Better Better Good Good 4 yrs.
WeatherShield HD Best Good Better Better Better Best Fair 5 yrs.
Sunbrella Best Good Best Better Best Good Good 5 yrs.
Form Fit Fair Best Fair Better Fair Best Best 5 yrs.
Ultra'tect Best Good Better Better Better Best Good 4 yrs.
The covers highlighted in orange are general, everyday use covers. They offer moderate protection against water, dust, and UV rays and are great for occasional outdoor use.

* Also available in Ready Fit
This category represents the majority of car covers sold. Over 80% of car cover users have selected these covers to meet their vehicles’ needs. These fabrics provide ample protection from a variety of assailants so your vehicle remains in pristine condition. The blue section represents the best value in vehicle protection. The covers in green are Covercraft’s highest quality covers. These covers appeal to enthusiasts who demand only the best for their vehicles. Each cover offers the absolute best protection for its intended environment.


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Custom car covers ship from the manufacturer via ground service. Due to manufacturer delays, please allow 6-7 weeks for delivery. Expedited and international shipping are not available.